Fan Token

MEXC has listed more than 15 fan tokens, becoming the exchange with the most fan tokens.

What is POR Fan Token (POR)?

Like any other fan token, it gives the token holders the power to influence decisions made by the team. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about POR Fan Token plus a guide on how to buy POR tokens.

What is Manchester City Fan Token (CITY)?

Fn token of the Manchester City football club and is built on the Chiliz blockchain. CITY holders can enjoy fan-related perks like having voting rights in club decisions, receiving rewards as well as gaining VIP access to products or events.

What is PSG Fan Token (PSG)?

Cryptocurrency of Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, or known as Les Parisiens. It gives the holders power to influence the decisions made by the team and the right for VIP access and merchandise of the Football Club.