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In 2021, MEXC Global received the award of “Best Crypto Exchange Asia” at Crypto Expo Dubai. MEXC now has over 10 million users globally. Become our content creator to let your voice be heard by publishing articles. You’ll have the privilege to write any content related to crypto. Besides that, what are the benefits?


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We are a big fan of unique content with innovative ideas. Here are some tips for you to stand out:

  • We only publish unique content. Please don’t submit anything that’s been published elsewhere.
  • Be creative! You can write about anything as long as it’s relevant to crypto/blockchain.
  • Keep your readers in mind. We would like to see fact-based and readable articles.
  • Commercial, scam, and duplicate content are not acceptable.


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Welcome to Metaverse India

Welcome to Metaverse India

As 2023 approached, many commentators considered the question: is the metaverse dead? It was a reasonable question to ask, considering that the entire crypto market was tanking. Furthermore, NFT sales were declining.
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Top 5 Strategies for Trading Crypto

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