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Blog interview with Exorde(EXD)

Exorde is a decentralised protocol aimed at selling e-reputation scores for brands, products, celebrities and more. Exorde is a new protocol aimed at collecting and extracting sentiment from social networks all over the world through a decentralised community.

Blog Interview with TRMX

TourismX targets to be the No. 1 blockchain solution for the $1.6 trillion tourism industry. TourismX Token (TRMX) is set to become the Tourism Token of the World and can be used for traveling, vacations, entertainment, etc.
MEXC Blog Interview With XDAO

MEXC Blog Interview With XDAO

In this blog interview, you’ll find insights about the XDAO project. MEXC: Please briefly introduce the XDAO project. What are the core highlights? XDAO: XDAO is a multichain super-Dapp that allows you to create your own DAO with no code.…