MEXC Background


What is Orbit Chain (ORC)?

Orbit Chain is an interoperability-based blockchain that supports the movement and sharing of data stored by various public blockchains. Its former name was Orbit Bridge until the chain and token was renamed entirely into Orbit Chain.

What is BSC Station (BSCS)?

BSC Station or BSCS is a full stack Defi platform and NFT marketplace built for Binance Smart Chain. Building a new platform in the crowded decentralized finance industry requires the provision of unique services and features.

What is Maker (MKR)?

Maker Protocol or MKR is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization and open-source initiative on the Ethereum blockchain. MakerDAO was established in 2014. MKR is the governance token, held by individuals who are in charge of it globally.

Etherjump Plots NFT Collection

Etherjump is a fully customizable platformer game that allows anyone to design their own levels using our in-house level designer interface and own that game as an interactive NFT, fully playable on OpenSea and their client.

gmDAO Community

Broadly speaking, the DAO was formed based on the principles of etiquette and mutual respect, making its community a haven within a typically hostile environment.

POSers NFT Collection Review

POSers are more than 5000 fancy dudes that are living on the blockchain. While they can be cool, POSers NFT also quite limited in the market.

What is SaitaRealty (SRLTY)

Real estate ecosystem powered by the community that will provide a range of opportunities in many different forms, like Zero-Emission Homes, multifamily dwelling units/condominiums, aordable housing, business complexes, and commercial land development.

y00ts mint t00b NFT Collection

y00ts, originally called Duppies is currently one of the most hyped mints in Solana. A collection in the Solana blockchain from the creator of DeGods.

Stickmen Toys NFT Collection

Stickmen Toys is a free-to-mint collection of 5,000 utility-enabled, audio-visual NFTs by Warner Records UK and Bose. Warner Records is the first ever major label to give ownership of the IP. You're only limited by your imagination.
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