What Are Fan Tokens?

Fan tokens are utility tokens associated with a club, team, or brand that gives token holders special fan privileges. For example, a football club could have a Fan Token that gives holders priority when purchasing tickets. Fan token holders could also get voting privileges on club decisions like choosing a new kit, slogan, or jersey design.

The token is usually associated with a sports club, celebrity, or other entity with a large following. Juventus, AS Roma, and FC Barcelona are just some of the clubs with their own tokens that now circulate on crypto exchanges. Unlike BTC and ETH, whose value is derived from the underlying project, a Fan Token has value based on the unique benefits it brings to fans.

What are the benefits of fan tokens? Here, let me summarize them for you.

Besides governance, these tokens provide token holders with club-specific benefits such as:

  • Voting on club polls – i.e. choosing welcome songs, messages, or colors on jerseys.
  • Exclusive access to meet-and-greet events with club players.
  • Discounts on club merchandise and autograph signing by players.
  • Access to training sessions directly on the field.
  • Access to the stadium is free of charge.
  • The ability to pay for match tickets with the token and/or get discounts on match tickets.
  • Potential access to NFTs that the club might release for fan token holders.

What are the main fan tokens you must know as a beginner?

  • S.S. Lazio Fan Token

Founded in 1900, S.S. Lazio is one of Italy’s oldest and most prestigious football clubs. It is also one of the most decorated, competing only with AC Milan for the most number of trophies won. It holds one UEFA Winners Cup, one UEFA Super Cup, two Series A’s, seven Coppa Italias and three Supercoppa Italianas.

The S.S. Lazio fan token was one of the first fan tokens to launch in 2020, paving the way for other sports tokens to follow. The original purpose of the token was to raise more funds for the club and give true fans the ability to interact and influence decisions in the club – similar to a governance token on blockchain.Ownership of the fan token allows true fans to win rewards and experiences with the team such as attending training sessions, winning exclusive access to meet-ups with club stars, visit the player’s arena in the stadium, get discounts on VIP tickets for matches, and discounts on club merchandise.

The S.S. Lazio token currently has a market cap of $21 million with a circulating supply of 8.6 million and a maximum supply of 40 million.

  • FC Porto Fan token

Founded in 1893, FC Porto is the oldest football club in Portugal. FC Porto has won the Portuguese Premier League multiple times and it holds one UEFA Champions League.

While the FC Porto token is one of the newest tokens in the fan series, it has one of the most active fan bases in Europe. The FC Porto token launched only in the last quarter of 2021 but has quickly risen to the same level of popularity as the Lazio token.

The FC Porto token currently has a market cap of $18 million with a circulating supply of 7.8 million and a maximum supply of 40 million.

  • FC Santos token

Founded in 1912, FC Santos is one of the oldest football clubs in Brazil and Latin America. The club was founded by three local sportsmen in Sao Paolo and over time, found fame for its dedication to discipline.

FC Santos is the most successful club in Brazil, with a consecutive string of 8 wins in the national championships, and over 24 titles won in a decade. World-class players such as Neymar and Pele started their careers in FC Santos.

The FC Santos token currently has a market cap of $22 million with a circulating supply of 4.5 million and a maximum supply of 30 million.

Currently,there are 58 types of fan tokens on the market. Top exchanges like Binance and MEXC not only listed fan tokens, but also launched fan token specific trading zones. MEXC has listed 17 fan tokens , becoming the exchange with most fan tokens.

Projects such as CHZ,LAZIO,PORTO, SANTOS, POR,CITY, etc. were first-listed on MEXC in different time periods. Among them,CHZ hit the highest gain of 9400% after launching, while other projects such as SANTOS, LAZIO and POR hit the highest gains of 1032%, 815%,and 562% respectively.

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