The American Red Cross Issues NFTs for People Suffered from Hurricane Ian

On September 28, hurricane Ian arrived in Florida and caused many people and their loved ones to lose houses, vehicles and even life. The American Red Cross announced on October 19 that they will partner with an artist from Miami – Marlon Pruz to provide 10,000 NFT collectibles in order to support people who got affected by the hurricane Ian. So how does that work? Let me walk you through.

red cross nft hurricane
Red Cross Volunteer (Source: Better)

Each collectible is priced at $14.99, the purpose of the NFT issuance is to raise funds for the hurricane victims who are in need. The Vice President of Brand Marketing & Creative Services at the American Red Cross, Selma Bouhl mentioned that they look forward to working with the community and getting donations to support people in Florida by providing food, shelter and other necessities to comfort families in this natural disaster. In addition to that, this art launch has interested people in buying NFTs and learning more about digital arts.

For those who don’t know better about NFTs, I will explain why the relief plan can help people massively. Thanks to blockchain technology, the digital collectibles can be bought and sold on Sweet – an NFT marketplace. If the arts are sold the second time in the market, there will be 10% of the secondary sales contributing to the plan in order to help people and communities continuously.

Closing Thoughts

The Executive Vice President of Global Partnerships at Sweet stated:

Our hearts ache for those impacted when Hurricane Ian struck just a few short weeks ago. So much about web3 is about building community, and this is an opportunity to participate in rebuilding communities devastated by the storm,”. He also said, “We are grateful for Marlon Pruz’s willingness to donate his art to this important initiative.

I believe there will be more innovation when people from different industries work together. When an unpredicted disaster happens, it is heart-warming to see the community is utilizing the new technology to do great things for people. I see indefinite potential in the world of web3.

In my previous articles, I’ve written about the reborn of Terra Luna, the big crash of XEN project, and the first merge in the history of crypto – The Ethereum Merge. However, this news discovered a new use case of blockchain in real life. The victims could have been me and you, or your loved ones. Stay strong Florida! Stay tuned in NFTs with MEXC. Check out our MEXC Blog for more fresh news and start your crypto journey now with us!

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