What is AIGPT (CRB)

AIGPT is the newest artificial intelligence for cryptocurrencies. It is an artificial intelligence infrastructure and ecosystem that operates on the Arbitrum network. Essential information for their token is available on the MEXC Digital asset introduction page. Furthermore, we are listing (CRB/USDT – Trade it here) on the Innovation Zone! Check it out now!

What is AIGPT (CRB)
What is AIGPT (CRB)

What is AIGPT

AIGPT is an AI infrastructure built on the Arbitrum network, with the primary objective of enabling the decentralized sharing of training data, computing resources, and AI algorithms through blockchain technology. At the heart of this ecosystem lies the AIGPT protocol. It utilizes smart contracts to efficiently allocate and manage different resources within the entire network.

They hope to construct an open, transparent, and reliable AI ecosystem using the power of blockchain technology. Furthermore, they aim to optimize the advancement of AI technology. Slowly, it will revolutionize the future of cryptocurrency by integrating AI technology into the blockchain ecosystem.

Understanding the AIGPT Ecosystem

Understanding the AIGPT Ecosystem
Understanding the AIGPT Ecosystem. Image from AIGPT Whitepaper

The AIGPT protocol serves as the central component of the AIGPT ecosystem. It is responsible for the management of algorithms, data, and computational resources through the use of smart contracts.

To safeguard against interference from miners in AI algorithms, a stipulation is in place following the official launch of AIGPT. AI nodes are required to stake a specific amount of CAI. In cases where an AI node commits an error during algorithm execution, a deduction of staked CAI is carried out, with the severity of the error determining the extent of the deduction.

Upon the submission of user requests, the AIGPT protocol assigns computational tasks to an AI node based on the requisite computing power needed for the specific function of the corresponding AI product. Alternatively, the task may be divided into multiple sub-tasks and allocated to several AI nodes. The aim of the AIGPT protocol is to equitably distribute tasks among different AI nodes, taking into consideration the computational capabilities of miners.

AI nodes that successfully complete these computations receive rewards. These rewards comprise two components. The first part is the CAI basic reward, sourced from the AIGPT reward pool. The second part is the CAI computing reward, which users pay based on the computational resources they consume. Notably, miners who allocate higher computing power to serve users will receive a greater amount of CAI as compensation.

Roles in the AIGPT Ecosystem

Roles in the AIGPT Ecosystem
Roles in the AIGPT Ecosystem. Image from AIGPT Whitepaper

AI Nodes – Providers of Computational Power

The execution of AI algorithms demands varying levels of computational power, contingent on factors like algorithm complexity, data set size, model scale, and the number of training iterations. More intricate algorithms, particularly deep learning ones, typically necessitate more computational resources. Larger data sets require greater computational power, while models with more parameters, such as networks with more layers or units, demand higher computational capabilities. Additionally, a higher number of training iterations results in increased computational workload, as each round of training entails forward and backward propagation calculations across the entire training data set.

The AI nodes within the AIGPT platform play a pivotal role by supplying computational power for all products and user services in the AIGPT ecosystem. When users require specific AI product applications or when AI products need training, AI nodes provide computational services using relevant algorithm models and data.

As providers of computational power, AI nodes are tasked with furnishing computational resources to the AIGPT platform. They execute AI algorithms in alignment with the requirements of AI products and, in return, receive corresponding rewards. Hardware devices utilized for these computations include CPUs, GPUs, and TPUs. GPUs and TPUs possess superior computational capabilities compared to CPUs and can meet the demands of AI products with more intricate algorithms, larger data volumes, expanded model sizes, and additional training iterations, thereby leading to greater rewards.

AI Product Development – Algorithm Providers

AI product developers, also known as algorithm providers, deploy AI algorithms on the AIGPT platform to cater to the requirements of cryptocurrency participants, such as investors, researchers, and operators. These requirements encompass diverse areas, including trading strategies, market predictions, fund management, anti-money laundering, network security, digital identity verification, and more.

Any individual or team has the opportunity to develop AI products on the AIGPT platform and share ecological data and computational power with other AI products.

AI Users – Data Contributors

AI users actively engage with various AI algorithms on the AIGPT platform as both consumers of products and providers of data. When utilizing AI products, AI users receive pertinent services while contributing to the training of AI systems. The AI algorithm undertakes extensive data analysis to uncover hidden patterns within datasets and establish a mapping relationship between data inputs and outputs. Using test data, the algorithm evaluates the model’s performance metrics, such as accuracy and recall rate. It then adjusts the model’s parameters and algorithms accordingly, enhancing the AI model’s overall performance.

Advantages Using of AIGPT

AIGPT offers several application advantages in the cryptocurrency field, focusing on asset analysis, intelligent customer service, and asset allocation. Using AI algorithms, it predicts user needs and provides personalized asset recommendations based on attributes, behavior, investment style, and expert experience. Crypto analysis robots continuously analyze users’ asset needs and offer real-time insights.

The intelligent customer service system utilizes natural language processing to efficiently extract key market information and provide faster, more accurate services for the cryptocurrency industry. AI collects and models users’ historical trading behavior to analyze strategic preferences and identify potential fraudulent activities. By recognizing repetitive trading patterns and differences among participants, AIGPT can predict outcomes and prevent asset loss.

In terms of technological advantages, AIGPT employs the GPT-X voice processing model, which has the potential to become a foundational infrastructure and standard in the industry. The improvements in user experience may lead to a comprehensive application rebuild and transform users’ habits in the coming years.

Furthermore, AIGPT’s deployment on Arbitrum ensures users’ privacy when asking questions while maintaining the security of the Ethereum mainnet. This approach enhances the overall safety and confidentiality of the platform, providing users with a secure and trustworthy environment for their cryptocurrency activities.

Where to buy CRB Token

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What is the Price of CRB Tokens?

The CRB token is currently trading MEXC for $0.5599! You can check the live price of their token right here!

How to buy CRB Tokens on MEXC

You can buy CRB Tokens on MEXC by following the steps:

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  2. Search “CRB” using the search bar to see the available trading pairs. Take CRB/USDT as an example.
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You can find a detailed guide on how to buy CRB Tokens here.

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