TON Foundation Gains Major Support as Animoca Brands Becomes Top Validator

Key Points:

  • Animoca Brands amplifies TON blockchain utility, fostering GameFi integration.
  • TON Play initiative unlocks gaming potential for Telegram’s 800M users.
  • Animoca’s TON Analytics Dashboard enhances ecosystem insight and growth.

TON Foundation has recently welcomed a significant addition to its network, with Animoca Brands becoming its largest validator. This move marks a pivotal development in the blockchain space, especially for Telegram’s TON (The Open Network) blockchain. Animoca Brands, a prominent investor in Web3, is setting a new course by validating the network and bringing blockchain-based gaming to Telegram’s vast user base, estimated at 800 million.

Animoca’s Investment in TON

The collaboration between TON Foundation and Animoca involves more than just validation. It extends to funding, research, and an analytics platform for third-party applications within the TON ecosystem. Although the exact financial details of Animoca’s investment remain undisclosed, it’s known that a portion of the investment includes staking in Toncoin as part of the validator agreement.

A critical aspect of Animoca’s strategy involves extensive research into TON’s ecosystem. They focus on leveraging the platform’s capabilities to boost cryptocurrency and GameFi (Game Finance) adoption. As part of this plan, Animoca is throwing its weight behind TON Play, a gaming infrastructure initiative based on TON blockchain. This infrastructure paves the way for new gaming applications on Telegram and allows for porting existing web-based games onto the messaging platform.

Through TON Play, developers can now access Telegram’s massive user base via its web application and the mobile app’s PlayDeck bot. This bot offers users a catalog of mobile games, significantly enhancing the gaming experience on Telegram. Furthermore, Animoca is exploring opportunities to port a selection of its gaming titles from its vast portfolio of over 400 Web3 projects to Telegram.

TON Analytics Dashboard

Another significant development is the creation of the TON Analytics Dashboard by Animoca Brands Research. This tool gathers various metrics from TON’s ecosystem, including TON Blockchain, TON DNS, TON Storage, and TON Sites, providing invaluable insights.

Justin Hyun, TON Foundation’s growth director, emphasized the importance of Animoca’s analytics platform and research in integrating Web3 functionality into everyday user experiences on Telegram. Yat Siu, co-founder of Animoca Brands, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the investment as a strategic step in transitioning from Web2 to Web3 and expressing confidence in the growth potential of gaming within the TON ecosystem.

This partnership with TON is not Animoca’s first foray into validating proof-of-stake blockchain protocols. In November 2023, the firm joined Chiliz Chain as a validator, marking another strategic move in the Web3 domain. Chiliz Chain is the backbone of and supports several fan tokens for top global football and sports teams, further demonstrating Animoca’s commitment to pioneering the Web3 landscape.

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