Crypto Breaking News Digest | Major Funding Raises Reach $ 364.47Million,MEXC Listed Hashflow

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*The dollar sign in this article refers to US dollars.

According to MEXC Research, from October 31 to November 6, 2022, 28 projects in the Web3 space raised a total of $364.47 million. Among them, Metaverse, NFT and GameFi projects have raised $76.77million; DeFi and Web 3 projects have raised $55.7million; The infrastructure projects raised $232 million financing.

Last week, there were several events worth noting:

  1. The XEN tokens on chains of XEN(erc20), BXEN(bsc), MXEN(polygon), FMXEN(Fantom) and DCXEN(Dogechain) have been listed on MEXC,with a 3-day gain of 341.12%
  2. MEXC launched future Second-level K-line function to support 1-Second interval chart for USDT-M Futures of BTC and ETH.
  3. MEXC listed Hashflow(HFT/USDT),a decentralized exchange designed for interoperability, zero slippage, and MEV-protected trades.

Metaverse & NFT & GameFi

  1. Lisbon-based RealFevr scores €10 million, led by ADvantage

Portuguese startup RealFevr has just raised €10 million in a new funding round,led by global sports investor ADvantage, with participation from Semapa Next, Shilling Capital Partners, and several international football stars.

The Web3 startup is ushering in a new era for sports fans – one defined by NFTs and digital tech, bringing fans and the sport closer.

  1. Web3 startup Courtyard completes $7 million seed round, with participation from Y Combinator

Courtyard, a Web3 startup that makes NFTs for collectibles such as rare sneakers, announced the completion of a $7 million seed round led by NEA, with participation from Y Combinator, OpenSea Ventures, VaynerFund, Brink’s, Cherry Ventures and several angel investors.

Courtyard is one of Y Combinator’s Winter 2022 Incubation Accelerator Program projects. The company offers a service to mint some valuable physical collectibles into NFTs with digital ownership, each of which is certified, insured and stored in a vault.

  1. Coinbase Ventures participates in $4.2 million funding round for NiftyApes

NiftyApes, a firm that lets users take out loans on any NFT collection, has raised $4.2 million in seed funding. Variant and FinTech Collective led the round. Additional participants include Robot Ventures, Polygon, Coinbase Ventures, The LAO, FlamingoDAO, Ryan Sean Adams, David Hoffman, Eric Conner, Anthony Sassano, Cyrus Younessi, DC Investor, James Young, James Duncan, Nadav Hollander and Brendan Forster.

The firm joins a trend of NFT-focused debt financiers receiving interest from venture capitalists.

  1. MT Tower closes a $3millon seed round

MT Tower, a metaverse project aiming to bridge the gap between current Web2 social media platforms and the Web3 metaverse space, closed its final seed round, having raised $3 million.

The project aims to use the funding within critical areas including expanding technical resources, starting to push its marketing further as well as listing on quality exchanges.

  1. Mozart Raises $3M Pre-Seed,participated by Arcanum Capital

Mozart, a new platform that simplifies the process for game developers to integrate Web3 gaming experiences, announced that it has raised $3M in pre-seed funding from several investors, including Arcanum Capital, AG Build, Future Perfect Ventures, and SaxeCap. Mozart has grown more than 3x over the past two months, and will use the funds to continue onboarding game studios and expanding its suite of offerings for next-gen gaming.

DeFi & Web 3

  1. DeFi yield platform Texture raises $5 million , co-led by P2P Capital and Sino Global

DeFi yield platform Texture has raised $5 million in a round co-led by P2P Capital and Sino Global, and is now live in private beta testing.

Other investors in the round include Wintermute, Semantic Ventures and Jane Street Capital. The funds were raised in the stablecoin USDC.

  1. DeFi protocol Centrifuge raises $4 million in strategic round from backers Coinbase Venture

Decentralized finance protocol Centrifuge has raised $4 million in a strategic round from backers Coinbase Ventures, BlockTower, Scytale and L1 Digital.

The Berlin-based project enables real-world assets — such as real estate, consumer credit and invoices — to be tokenized and leveraged within DeFi services. Such tokenization has been seen as one of the core use cases for blockchain technology, as it allows for more transparent and liquid markets.

  1. Web3 short video platform Cheelee closes a $8 million financing

The Web3 video social platform Cheelee has completed an equity financing of $8 million, with participation from US investment fund Veligera Capital, UAE Infinity Technology Fund, and VC SILA. The company also received US$1.3 million in VC fund funding support.

Cheelee provides new users with a free “NFT glasses” that can monitor video viewing time and convert them into corresponding points according to the length of time, which can then be exchanged for token rewards.


  1. Tharsis Labs, the core developer of Evmos, completes a $27 million seed round, led by Polychain Capital

Tharsis Labs, the core developer of the Cosmos ecological EVM-compatible chain Evmos, announced that it has completed a $27 million seed round through token sales,led by Polychain Capital,with participation of Galaxy,Houbi Ventures,HashKey,Coinbase Ventures,Circle Ventures and Asymmetric.

Evmos is an EVM-based blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem that enables developers to run applications for interoperable smart contracts on any number of EVMs and Cosmos-based blockchains.

  1. Pantera backs Braavos‘ $10 million raise to simplify crypto wallets on StarkNet

Braavos has raised $10 million to launch a self-custodial wallet on StarkNet, an Ethereum scaling solution.

The seed round is led by Pantera Capital. Other backers include Brevan Howard Digital,, Road Capital, Matrixport and Starkware, according to a company release.

  1. Web3 communication protocol WalletConnect completes a $12.5 million financing, Shopify participated

Web3 Communication Protocol WalletConnect announced a $12.5M funding raised from Shopify, Coinbase Ventures, ConsenSys, Circle Ventures, Polygon, Uniswap Labs Ventures, Union Square Ventures, 1kx, Gnosis Chain, HashKey, Foresight Ventures, Smart Token Labs, Snapshot, Dialectic and Uniswap Founder and CEO of Uniswap Labs Hayden Adams, ENS Labs developer Makoto Inoue and Messari founder and CEO Ryan Selkis participated.

The new funds will be used to build the Web3 communication network. Currently developing WalletConnect Push and WalletConnect Chat.

  1. Token Flow raises $12m in Series A funding,participated by Electric Capital

Token Flowannounced the first close of Series A funding round with $12 million committed , and to participated with Electric Capital and Delta Blockchain Fund , alongside existing Seed investor UDHC.

Token Flow expects to complete the beta program in Q4 2022, after which they will launch new datasets and analytical tools and also expand to new chains.

  1. Elusiv secures $3.5 million in funding from LongHash Ventures

According to the official announcement shared by the Elusiv team, its strategic funding round has successfully completed. A total of $3.5 million was raised from a clutch of top-tier VCs.LongHash Ventures and Staking Facilities Ventures co-led this funding round for Elusiv. Jump Crypto, NGC Ventures, Big Brain Holdings, Anagram, Cogitent Ventures, Equilibrium, Marin Ventures, Token Ventures, Moonrock Capital, Monke Ventures, SolanaFM also backed the start-up in its fundraising efforts.

The $3.5 mln funding will fuel the next phase of Elusiv’s development and promotion to deliver the next generation of fast and cost-efficient privacy solutions for individuals and entrepreneurs.

Hot News

  1. The pNetwork cross-chain bridge was hacked, and the pGALA token on BSC was over-issued by 1 billion dollars

An address on the BNB Chain minted more than $1 billion of pGALA tokens out of thin air, and made a profit by selling it on PancakeSwap, causing GALA to drop by more than 20% in a short period of time.

The multi-link protocol pNetwork stated on Twitter that the pGALA contract on the BNB Chain needs to be redeployed due to a misconfiguration of the cross-chain bridge.Currently, GALA tokens on Ethereum and other assets on the bridge are safe.

  1. Instagram will enable creators to mint and sell NFTs directly within its app

Instagram introduced a way for creators to make their own NFTs (or digital collectibles) and sell them to fans and collectors both on and off Instagram.Polygon is the first partner chosen by Meta for this feature.

With this update, creators will have access to a toolkit to help them create, showcase and sell NFTs. Meta is testing this new feature with a small group of creators in the US, and plans to expand it to more countries in the future.

  1. Vtalik Buterin released a new version of the Ethereum development roadmap

On November 5, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin released a new version of the Ethereum development roadmap on social media. The main changes include:

1)The Verge:is not just about “verkle trees”, it’s about “verification”. Endgame: fully SNARKed ethereum 2)The Scourge: ensure reliable and fair credibly neutral transaction inclusion, solve MEV issues 3)Single slot finality as stage 2 Merge milestone

  1. Fed hikes rates by 75bps,U.S. unemployment rate, nonfarm payrolls beat expectations in October

The Fed raises interest rates by 75bps, and the U.S. unemployment rate and non-farm payrolls in October were higher than expected The Fed raised interest rates by 75bps as scheduled last week. Powell’s three key statements: It is too early to consider stopping interest rate hikes, the terminal interest rate will be higher than expected, and the economy has a high probability of a hard landing.

According to data,the 75bp rate hike has less and less impact on the price of BTC,with the highest of 4.7% increase within 48 hours, from 20150 USDT to the highest of 21472 USDT.

  1. The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission issued the “Circular on Virtual Asset Futures Exchange Traded Funds” to formulate rules for the issuance of encrypted ETFs

The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission issued the “Circular on Virtual Asset Futures Exchange Traded Funds” to formulate rules for the issuance of encrypted ETFs.

The specific contents include: the management company of the ETF must have a good regulatory compliance record and demonstrate a performance record of at least three years; the issuer must prove that the virtual asset ETF has sufficient liquidity; the net risk exposure of derivatives cannot exceed the total net asset value of the ETF 100% etc.

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