Seth Green NFT BAYC Stolen

Seth Green is a popular actor and director, who was recently working on a show called “White Horse Tavern” for the past ten months. This is remarkable because the main character is an NFT titled BAYC #8398. Recently, Seth Green was victim of phishing scam because of which he lost 4 NFTs, which included the Bored Ape character popularly known as BAYC #8398. The challenge now is that the person that now owns Bored Ape illegally is not responding to Seth’s efforts to resolve the rights issue. The issue is popular on social media, with some blaming Seth Green for being careless, while others blame the other guy.

The “White Horse Tavern” Project

Seth Green became a part of the Bored Ape Yacht Club in July 2021 and got the Bored Ape NFT from Steve Aoki. He started exploring his new NFT and launched a widescale production using the designs and artwork of the NFTs he now had in his portfolio.

In the recent trailer we can see the Bored Ape in a main role. The ape plays the barkeep of White Horse Tavern. The trailer video also shows guest appearances of other NFTs,like the Feline Friendz, Gutter Cat Gang, and VeeFriends. The clip also shows that Gary Vee will also appear briefly in the production.

How the Scam Happened

During the production of the White Horse Tavern, Seth Green connected his wallet to a fraudulent Gutter Cat Gang web page and got scammed out of 4 NFTs. He lost BAYC #8398, two MAYC NFTs, and Doodles #7546. By losing BAYC #8398 Seth Green cannot use the design. Which now means that he has no rights to use BAYC #8398 in his production.

Seth quickly went to Twitter to get in touch with the owner of the (stolen0 NFT. The wallet that stole the NFC from Green’s wallet was sold for 106.5 ETH to another user (DarkWing84). This user is yet to respond to Seth Green’s efforts.

This is highlight of the lack of regulation of the crypto space, where there is no recourse in case of theft and fraud. Many NFT enthusiasts have resorted to social media to express their views on the matter. Many still blame Seth Green for lack of awareness and caution about his NFT ownership. Many others also stress the need for a legal way out of the situation as thieves should not be able to go scot free.

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