My Crypto Heroes (MCHC) arriving – World’s No.1 Blockchain game

My Crypto Heroes (MCHC Token) will be listed on MEXC. MCHC Token will hit our Innovation Zone markets on the 4th of January. Let’s explore what is like to play the world’s most popular blockchain game and its main features!

My Crypto Heroes (MCHC) is an RPG battle game that is created on the Ethereum blockchain. Explore the MCH world with historically inspired heroes, go on amazing quests to find rare items, and fight against other players for prizes and fame. If you will look for the most popular game based on Daily Active Users, and Transactions in DappRadar – the answer you will find is My Crypto Heroes! Developed and published by DoubleJump.Tokyo

My Crypto Heroes Game Modes

Two main game modes were introduced by the Japanese GamFi developers – PvE & PvP Mode:

  • Send your heroes into dungeons to collect EXP and find rare items, called Original Extensions (ERC-721 token). EXP can be used to level up your assets.
  • Fight other players in competitive tournaments, tailored to different player strengths. Top players earn Original Extensions (ERC-721) and eternal fame.

The MCH Ecosystem

Consisting of several game scenarios & roles offers you a unique ecosystem where every player can fit. Choose one which suits you best and start:

MXCH Characters
  • Farmer – Farmers go on quests to level up heroes and find rare items. Sell your loot on the market to earn GUM, the currency of MCH.
  • Warrior – Warriors fight in PvP battles for rare items and fame. Prove your skill in regular tournaments, Land vs. Land battles, and custom arenas.
  • Creator – Are you one of the creative kind? Sell your self-made hero skins on the art market for GUM. Or get creative in your own tournament modes.
  • Trader – Traders use the in-game market to earn GUM. They buy the supply of farmers and equip warriors before they send their heroes into battle.

MCH and Grow Digital Assets in MCH

Each hero with the rarity Uncommon or higher is an ERC-721 token. This means that you own the token and can sell it on 3rd party platforms like OpenSea. Items Each unique item, called Original Extensions, is an ERC-721 token too. You will find them through fighting in quests or competing in tournaments.

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