How to start spot trading on MEXC in 1 minute?

Video Tutorial: Click this video to learn how to start spot crypto trading on MEXC in one minute

Spot trading is a simple transaction between a buyer and a seller to trade at a deal price, known as the spot price. The trade takes place immediately when the order is fulfilled.

You can prepare spot trades in advance to trigger when a specific spot price is reached, known as a limit order. You can make spot trades on MEXC through our spot trading page interface.

Starting Spot trading on MEXC Website

Step 1: Visit MEXC Website and log into your MEXC account.

Click any crypto on the markets tab shown on the homepage to go to the spot trading interface.

Step 2: You will now find yourself on the spot trading page interface.

(1). Market PriceTrading volume of trading pair in 24 hours

(2). Asks (Sell orders) book

(3). Bids (Buy orders) book

(4). Candlestick chart and Technical Indicators

(5). Trading Type: Spot / ETF / Margin / Futures / OTC

(6). Type of order: Limit / Market / Stop-limit

  • Limit is an order type that allows you to buy or sell crypto for a specific price.
  • Market allows you to buy or sell crypto for the real time market price.
  • Stop-Limit is an order type that  will be automatically placed when your trigger price is reached.

(7). Buy Cryptocurrency

(8). Sell Cryptocurrency

(9). Market and Trading pairs.

(10). Market latest completed transaction

(11). Your Limit Order / Stop-limit Order / Order History

Step 3: Transfer Funds to Spot Account

Before you can start spot trading, you need to have crypto in your spot account. You can buy crypto via different methods.

  • You can buy at P2P Market through clicking on “Buy Crypto” on the top menu bar to go to the OTC trading interface and transfer from fiat account to spot account.
  • Or deposit crypto to your spot account by crypto.

Step 4: Buy Crypto

  • The default order type is a limit order. If you want to buy/sell crypto as soon as possible, you may switch to [Market] Order. By choosing a market order, you can trade instantly at the current market price.
  • If the market price of BTC/USDT is at 65,000, but you want to buy 0.1 BTC at a specific price, for example, 60,000, you can place a [Limit] order.
  • Once the market price reaches your set price, your placed order will be executed. And you will find 0.1 BTC (commission excluded) in your spot account.

Step 5: Sell Crypto

  • If you want to quickly sell your BTC, you may switch to [Market] Order.
  • Entering the selling quantity 0.1 to complete the transaction instantly.
  • If the market price of BTC is 63,000 USDT, you will find 63,000 USDT (commission excluded) in your Spot account.

You are now ready to start spot trading on MEXC.

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