What is Tuna Chain – A Layer 2 Solution For Bitcoin Network (TUNA)

Tuna Chain is a cutting-edge modular Layer 2 solution on Bitcoin. It features a ZK-OP hybrid approach that integrates Ethereum’s EVM capabilities into the world’s most trusted cryptocurrency.

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What is Tuna Chain - A Layer 2 Solution For Bitcoin Network (TUNA)
What is Tuna Chain – A Layer 2 Solution For Bitcoin Network (TUNA)

The Idea Behind Tuna Chain

Tuna Chain emerges as a groundbreaking Layer 2 solution on the Bitcoin (BTC) network. It aims to push the boundaries of blockchain capabilities. Tuna Chain is designed to blend Bitcoin’s unmatched security with Ethereum’s versatile EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) functionality. While Bitcoin is widely trusted, its ability to support complex smart contracts and advanced applications is constrained. Therefore, Tuna Chain ambitiously seeks to bridge this gap by integrating EVM compatibility into Bitcoin’s L2 framework. This broadens the scope of possibilities for Bitcoin’s application and utility.

Core Features of Tuna Chain

A Hybrid ZK-OP Layer

At the heart of Tuna Chain’s execution layer lies an inventive hybrid ZK-OP (Zero-Knowledge Optimistic Rollup) solution. In its initial stage, Tuna Chain adopts the codebase of OP Stack Bedrock. It aims to seamlessly ensure compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). As it progresses, Tuna Chain’s development roadmap steers it toward an advanced ZK-OP hybrid architecture.

This two-phase approach offers the best of both worlds – rapid, secure transaction processing and robust execution of smart contracts. Tuna Chain is positioned to transform blockchain technology by amalgamating these elements into a unified and potent solution.

Tuna Chain’s Native Stablecoin – TORO

Central to Tuna Chain is TORO, an exceptional stablecoin finely tuned to meet user requirements. Through TORO, users can secure a stable digital asset by over-collateralizing their BTC holdings. Furthermore, it is more than just a stablecoin. TORO acts as the transactional engine for the Tuna Chain network. This fusion not only ensures transactional consistency. It also introduces a novel yield mechanism. BTC holders now have the opportunity to earn significant yields in TORO, enjoying a high APY without needing to liquidate their valuable BTC assets.

Modularity By Celestia

Tuna Chain uses Celestia as its data availability layer, anchoring its architecture with a modular design. This strategy efficiently tackles the data availability hurdles linked with Layer 2 solutions. By harnessing advanced methods like 2D Reed-Solomon erasure coding and Namespaced Merkle Trees (NMTs), Tuna Chain establishes a trust-minimized environment. The outcome? A significant decrease in transaction expenses for users and a notable enhancement in network efficiency overall.

How Does Tuna Chain Work?

Tuna Chain operates through three main components: the Toro native stablecoin, Celestia-powered modularity, and a hybrid ZK-OP layer. Layer 2 Similar to Ethereum, Bitcoin’s scalability is improved by Layer 2 solutions employing optimistic rollups (OP) and zero-knowledge rollups (ZK). Tuna Chain enhances Bitcoin’s transaction capacity by integrating optimistic rollup technology into its Layer 2 framework.

Meanwhile, the recent Taproot upgrade on the Bitcoin (BTC) network has opened up new avenues for bolstering native asset security. It introduces features such as Schnorr Signatures, MAST, and Tapscript. Tuna Chain adopts a multi-signature approach and intends to incorporate external validators to safeguard native assets and bolster network security.

Transaction processing on Tuna Chain entails meticulous sequencing and handling of transactions, followed by secure submission to the Data Availability Layer (Celestia) and confirmation of the final state on the Bitcoin blockchain. Verifiers ensure data coherence and promptly present fraud proofs in case of inconsistencies, upholding network integrity and security.

Tokens of Tuna Chain

Tuna Chain operates with three main tokens: TORO, TUNA, and WOOG. Each of them fulfills a distinct and crucial function.

TORO Stablecoin

TORO, the native stablecoin of Tuna Chain, enables users to convert their BTC into high-yield digital assets seamlessly and with complete transactional stability. Users can achieve this without the need to liquidate their BTC holdings.


TUNA is the governance token of Tuna Chain. It is utilized for various purposes including revenue generation, funding for builders and contributors, rewarding token holders, incentivizing users and community members, and fostering community engagement within the Tuna Chain ecosystem. Additionally, it has a total token supply of 210,000,000 TUNA.


WOOG is a BRC-20 token serving as the primary entry ticket into the Tuna Chain ecosystem. Only 200 out of 1,000 available WOOG tokens were distributed during the BRC-20 Launchpad event. The remaining WOOG tokens will be distributed only upon activation by external factors.

Where to buy TUNA Token

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What is the Price of TUNA Tokens?

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How to buy TUNA Tokens on MEXC

You can buy TUNA Tokens on MEXC by following the steps:

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  2. Search “TUNA” using the search bar to see the available trading pairs. Take TUNA/USDT as an example.
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