What is Smart Layer Network – A Programmable Blockchain-Based Service Network (SLN)

Smart Layer Network is a service network built on blockchain technology. It allows for the implementation of token logic, enabling intricate interactions with different systems and tokens in a decentralized, scalable, and secure manner.

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What Exactly is Smart Layer Network?

The Smart Layer is a solution that tackles the challenges surrounding integration, privacy, and trust within the digital realm. It introduces an innovative integration layer that allows for trustless token logic. This lays the groundwork for a tokenized web with boundless integration possibilities.

This pioneering approach of the Smart Layer addresses the complexities of integration, privacy, and trust in the digital sphere. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, it establishes an integration layer that facilitates trustless token logic, fostering a tokenized web with endless integration potential. Meanwhile, serving as an interface, the Smart Layer enables the execution of token code within digital environments. It can oversee tasks such as accounting, issuance, revocation, or expiration of tokens. Consequently, the Smart Layer not only propels the advancement of seamless integration but also ensures privacy and security.

How Does Smart Layer Work?

The Smart Layer operates as a network of service nodes incentivized by Smart Layer Tokens to perform various tasks. These tokens fuel its operations, motivating nodes to contribute resources and adhere to service-level agreements.

The network comprises three main components:

  1. Blockchain: This layer hosts smart contracts responsible for enforcing token transaction rules and storing snapshots of token operations for future validation.
  2. Anchoring Nodes: Managed by recognized organizations chosen by a DAO, these nodes ensure network stability, security, and adherence to service-level objectives. They record token operation commitments on the blockchain.
  3. Service Nodes: This extensive network distributes service tasks using a distributed hashtable and provides TokenAPIs for integrations.

Use Cases of Smart Layer Network

The Smart Layer network is structured to support various use cases through its token-incentivized distributed network of service nodes. Among these are the Smart Car Token and the Smart Health Token.

Smart Car Token

The Smart Car Token, issued by smart car companies, enables users to access and control multiple functionalities of a smart car. This includes unlocking the vehicle, starting the engine, or adjusting settings. For instance, a user could employ a Smart Car Token to unlock their car via their smartphone. This request would be validated by a service node, which would then execute the unlock operation. The subsequent action would be logged as a commitment by an anchoring node, ensuring a documented record of the operation. Additionally, the Smart Car Token could facilitate more intricate tasks like scheduling car maintenance or updating software, as defined within the token’s smart contract and executed by service nodes.

Smart Health Token

The Smart Health Token serves as a digital key for accessing and managing health-related data and services. This includes medical records, appointment scheduling, and prescription management. For example, a user could utilize a Smart Health Token to retrieve their medical records, triggering a validation process by a service node and subsequent record retrieval. The resulting action would be recorded as a commitment by an anchoring node, offering a verifiable record of the transaction. Moreover, the Smart Health Token could streamline prescription management, allowing users to request refills via the token, which would then be processed and documented by service and anchoring nodes.

In both scenarios, the Smart Layer network delivers a secure, efficient, and user-centric platform for executing and managing token operations. Service nodes handle the processing and execution of tasks, while anchoring nodes maintain a transparent and accountable record of operations, ensuring traceability and reliability throughout the network.

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What is the Price of SLN Tokens?

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How to buy SLN Tokens on MEXC

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