What is Phantom of the Kill Alternate Imitation – A Web3 Spin-off Game (OSHI)

Phantom of the Kill -Alternative Imitation- is a spin-off within the “Phantom of the Kill” series. It embraces Web3 elements, allowing players to trade in-game characters and extend their involvement to external markets through the creation of NFTs.

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What is Phantom of the Kill Alternate Imitation - A Web3 Spin-off Game (OSHI)
What is Phantom of the Kill Alternate Imitation – A Web3 Spin-off Game (OSHI)

What Exactly is Phantom of the Kill -Alternative Imitation-?

Phantom of the Kill -Alternative Imitation- is a fresh gaming experience rooted in the characters and universe of “Phantom of the Kill.” Developed and operated by Studio FgG, the original mobile game has amassed more than 6 million downloads. This tactical RPG fuses strategic gameplay with captivating storytelling. It also features a diverse array of skills and an intricate character development system. Players can enjoy engaging narratives centered around girls carrying the names of legendary weapons.

In this iteration, players are able to nurture and enhance the Killer Princesses from the world of Phantom of the Kill. Your aim is to tailor their stats and abilities to forge distinct Killer Princesses of their own. What sets this game apart is its dynamic background battles that progress even when the app is inactive. Meaning, players will continue receiving rewards based on their victories. Furthermore, there’s an avenue for friendly competition, allowing players to attain rewards by achieving higher ranks.

What is The Gameplay of Phantom of the Kill -Alternative Imitation-?

Within this game, players embark on quests to earn rewards that serve to fortify their Killer Princesses. These enhanced characters can subsequently be employed in events or traded with fellow players. Additionally, by embarking on quests with a team of Killer Princesses meeting specific criteria, players can acquire items that are exchangeable for cryptocurrency assets.

Quests: Players accrue rewards, such as gear, experience, and Zeni (in-game currency for training Killer Princesses), by successfully completing stages. The more challenging the stage, the greater the rewards. Notably, Killer Princesses can embark on quests even when the game is inactive.

Character Growth: Players bolster their Killer Princesses by utilizing items obtained from quests and equipping them with earned gear. Strengthened characters enable players to tackle more demanding stages. Questing with a team of Killer Princesses meeting particular conditions also yields items exchangeable for cryptocurrency assets.

Growth-Oriented Content: Stages primarily serve as sources for items to enhance Killer Princesses. Various rewards are attainable upon clearing stages.

Ranking Events: These are temporary events that allow players to compete for points against each other. Engaging in ranking events leads to the acquisition of ranking rewards, including Killer Princesses and items exchangeable for cryptocurrency assets.

NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens): Under specific conditions, Killer Princesses can be transformed into NFTs. These NFT-converted characters can also be traded with other players on the marketplace.

NFTs in Phantom of the Kill -Alternative Imitation-

In Phantom of the Kill -Alternative Imitation-, Killer Princesses have the unique capability of being exported as NFTs and subsequently traded amongst players. However, players must fulfill specific conditions to convert Killer Princesses into NFTs, a process referred to as “Awakening.”

Conditions for Converting Killer Princesses into NFTs: Killer Princesses become eligible for Awakening after they have undergone sufficient training. The Awakening process unlocks several significant features:

  1. Item Acquisition in Quests: Awakened Killer Princesses gain the ability to collect items during quests that can be exchanged for cryptocurrency assets. The quantity of these items is influenced by factors like the number of awakened Killer Princesses in the party, the number of stages cleared, and the time of day. Additionally, certain Killer Princesses have the unique ability to increase the quantity of exchangeable items.
  2. Scouting: Players have the opportunity to engage in Scouting. It is a feature that allows them to recruit other players and form contracts involving their Killer Princesses. Scouting can be performed using in-game currencies.
  3. NFT Conversion for External Marketplace: Awakened Killer Princesses can be converted into NFTs, enabling players to take them outside of the game. It’s important to note that once a Killer Princess is transformed into an NFT and exported from the game, they will no longer be present within the game environment.

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