Use Futures Bonus to Earn Freely

How to earn futures bonus

You can obtain free futures bonus airdrop by completing participating in futures events or Kickstarter events, etc.

How to check your bonus

The bonus will be distributed to your Futures account. You can check it through the wallet balance as below.

Or you may check on the capital flow in the [My Orders] part.

Rules of futures bonus

  1. The futures bonus can only be used for Futures transactions, and the earning part can be withdrawn; the bonus itself cannot be withdrawn.
  2. The futures bonus can be used as a margin for trading and can also be used for trading fees, losses, and funding costs.
  3. Any asset transfer out of the futures account will result in the bonus being cleared.
  4. The bonus has a valid period of 30 days. It will be taken back after expiry. Please be cautious of the liquidation risks due to the taken-back of the futures bonus.

Closing thoughts

You may open a futures position with the futures bonus as the margin. It usually will bring multiplied returns when using futures bonus with the leverage, while you may also need to pay attention to the risk brought by leverage.

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