Matrixport Foresees Bitcoin Hitting $50K with ETF Approval in 2024

Key Points:

  • Matrixport’s report predicts a significant Bitcoin rally to $50K, contingent on ETF approval in early 2024.
  • Institutional movements and discussions with the SEC indicate readiness for a Bitcoin ETF, aligning with bullish forecasts.
  • Diverse market analyses reveal a range of expectations, underscoring the complexity of Bitcoin’s potential price trajectory post-ETF.

As the cryptocurrency world enters 2024, the anticipation of a Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) approval sparks widespread excitement and speculation. Financial giant Matrixport has added to this fervor with its latest report, predicting a significant upsurge in Bitcoin’s value, contingent on the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) approval of the much-awaited ETFs.

Matrixport Foresees Bitcoin Hitting $50K with ETF Approval in 2024
Matrixport Foresees Bitcoin Hitting $50K with ETF Approval in 2024

Matrixport’s Optimistic Projection for Bitcoin

Matrixport’s research presents an optimistic scenario, forecasting Bitcoin’s potential ascent to the $50,000 mark in January 2024 following the SEC’s approval of a spot ETF. The firm’s confidence in a positive SEC decision has bolstered Bitcoin prices, which recently soared to $44,000. Matrixport’s report underscores a 95% probability of the ETF getting the green light, a move that could mark a pivotal moment in Bitcoin’s history.

The report highlights significant interactions between investment giants like Blackrock and the SEC, suggesting preparations for a spot ETF launch. Similarly, Grayscale’s recent meeting with SEC officials on December 19, 2023, focused on converting the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) into a Bitcoin ETF. These discussions and engagements hint at a growing institutional readiness for introducing a Bitcoin ETF, aligning with Matrixport’s bullish predictions.

Balancing Enthusiasm with Market Realities

While Matrixport’s bullish stance garners attention, other market analysts, such as QCP Capital, offer a more cautious perspective. They anticipate potential resistance zones for Bitcoin, ranging between $45,000 and $48,500 post-ETF approval, with a possible retracement to $36,000 before a subsequent rally. This contrast in views reflects the spectrum of market expectations and the possibility of a ‘sell the news’ dynamic post-ETF initiation.

SEC’s Deliberate Approach to ETF Approval

The SEC’s considerations for Bitcoin ETF approval extend beyond mere market impact. Fox Business’ Charles Gasparino suggests that the SEC is leaning towards approval post-January 8, albeit with stringent measures to mitigate risks such as money laundering. This cautious approach by the SEC highlights their attempt to balance enabling innovation with safeguarding the financial system against illicit activities.


The year 2024 is critical for Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market. Matrixport’s bullish forecast and ongoing institutional preparations for an ETF paint a picture of significant growth and transformation. However, the diverse range of market predictions and the SEC’s cautious stance on ETF approval highlight this potential development’s complex and multifaceted nature.

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