Hammer Candlestick Pattern: How To Use It In Crypto Trading

Hammer Candlestick Pattern: How To Use It In Crypto Trading
Hammer Candlestick Pattern: How To Use It In Crypto Trading. Image by frimufilms on Freepik

A candlestick chart is a widely used method in technical analysis to interpret price movements and trends in financial markets. 

Among the various candlestick patterns, the “Hammer Candlestick” stands out as one of the most significant indicators that can predict potential trends. 

This pattern is popular among traders, especially in the crypto market due to its ability to provide valuable insights into market dynamics.

What is Hammer Candlestick Pattern?

The Hammer Candlestick pattern occurs when an asset such as crypto or stocks is traded at a price lower than its opening price, creating a candlestick with a lower shadow (wick) and a larger body. 

This pattern resembles a hammer, hence the name. The body of the candlestick represents the difference between the opening and closing prices, while the shadow indicates the highest and lowest prices reached during a specific time period. 

Financial experts often highlight the Hammer pattern as a bullish signal in traditional or crypto trading markets. Interestingly, this pattern tends to emerge during bearish trends, making it a potential indicator of an upcoming reversal. 

However, it’s important to note that the Hammer Candlestick is usually not used in isolation but rather in combination with other technical analysis tools and indicators.

How the Hammer Candlestick Works?

The formation of a Hammer Candlestick suggests that after a decline in an asset’s price, the market is attempting to establish a bottom. This is indicated by the long lower shadow of the candlestick. 

The subsequent price action shows an effort to drive prices upward, potentially indicating a reversal in the trend. This movement typically occurs within a single period, where the price initially drops after the opening but then closes near the opening price. 

Confirmation of the Hammer pattern occurs when the candlestick’s body confirms the hammer shape and closes above the opening price. This suggests strong buying momentum and is often considered a signal for traders to enter long positions or exit short positions. 

Some trading experts advise placing a stop-loss mechanism just below the hammer’s lower shadow to manage risk effectively. It’s important to mention that the Hammer Candlestick is usually used in conjunction with price analysis, trend analysis, and technical indicators. 

This pattern can appear across various timeframes, from one-minute charts to daily or even weekly charts.

Hammer Pattern Application On Crypto Trading

Let’s illustrate the application of the Hammer Candlestick pattern with an example using Ethereum. Despite the volatile nature of the crypto market, the Hammer Pattern can still be effective, especially for crypto trading. 

Suppose we observe a downward trend in the value of Ethereum. If the candlestick’s wick is significantly longer than its body, it indicates a potential price reversal and upward movement. 

To confirm the appearance of the pattern, traders should watch for subsequent candlestick formations. If a candlestick’s body is considerably longer, it suggests that the asset is being valued much higher than the hammer’s closing price.


In the image below, we can observe the Ethereum candlestick chart on a daily timeframe, where the price is moving lower and undergoing a downtrend, breaking below the short-term support level at the value of $1800.00.

Hammer Candlestick Pattern – Ethereum Chart on Tradingview

However, after some time, following the establishment of a new bottom point in price, this indicates the first signs of incoming bullish pressure, although it remains uncertain in determining the market. Subsequently, a bearish phenomenon attempts to push the price down but fails, resulting in a bullish hammer pattern for closure.

Hammer Candlestick Strategy – Ethereum Chart on Tradingview

In the image above, we also can identify an optimal entry point. The strategy involves placing a buy-stop order above the high of the hammer candlestick, coupled with a stop-loss positioned below the shadow.  

The trade concluded with a risk-reward ratio of 1:3.57, right after a bearish indication emerged at the resistance level. This signifies that you can take profits or place a new buy order for the upcoming trend.

Hammer Candlestick Pattern Pros and Cons

Like any technical tool, the Hammer Candlestick pattern has its advantages and limitations. It’s not a guaranteed profit strategy, but it can enhance risk management and profit potential, especially when it’s used in traditional or crypto trading.


  • The pattern can be applied to various markets, including forex, stocks, and crypto. 
  • The Hammer pattern provides comprehensive insights into price movements, support and resistance levels, and trends. 
  • It indicates both trend continuation and potential reversals, with higher reliability after a prolonged bearish trend. 
  • Hammer patterns can also help traders identify and predict trend reversals effectively.


  • The Hammer Candlestick can produce false signals, especially when used in isolation.
  • Additional data and indicators are often needed for accurate analysis in complex situations.
  • To use this pattern in traditional or crypto trading, traders need to consider these external factors to ensure that the pattern’s signals align with the current market conditions.


When using the Hammer Candlestick as an indicator, traders should be aware of its limitations and the need for confirmation. 

The pattern doesn’t guarantee continuous upward movement, and the elongated lower shadow can lead to prolonged price fluctuations. This may not be the best time to buy an asset, as a distant stop-loss could lead to increased risks. 

In conclusion, the Hammer Candlestick is a powerful tool for traders seeking to predict potential market reversals. Its distinct shape and interpretation make it a valuable addition to any trader’s toolkit. 

When combined with other technical analysis methods and used in the appropriate context, the Hammer pattern can contribute to better decision-making and improved trading outcomes.

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