Friend.Tech Protocol Merges DeFi With Social Media, Earning Over 10,000 ETH

Key Points:

  • Friend.Tech Protocol uniquely blends DeFi with social media dynamics.
  • “Sniper bots” significantly boost the platform’s revenue, highlighting DeFi’s potential.
  • Digital interactions’ monetization gains traction, reshaping online community value.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has been breaking records with Friend.Tech Protocol emerging as a pioneering force in this domain. In a recent revelation, the protocol reported revenues exceeding 10,644.8 ETH, spotlighting its dynamic role in the blockchain universe.

But what sets Friend.Tech Protocol apart? It’s a seamless blend of DeFi with the social media landscape.

Friend.Tech Protocol Merges DeFi With Social Media, Earning Over 10,000 ETH
Friend.Tech Protocol Merges DeFi With Social Media, Earning Over 10,000 ETH

Blending Social Networking with Decentralized Finance

Drawing inspiration from conventional social networking platforms, Friend.Tech Protocol offers an inventive twist. It enables participants to purchase and trade “keys,” initially termed “shares“, that are connected to X (formerly known as Twitter) accounts. Procuring these keys allows enthusiasts access to specialized in-app conversations and proprietary content tied to the linked X account. The platform’s slogan, “the marketplace for your friends,” encapsulates its innovative take on digital camaraderie.

Each individual on Friend.Tech Protocol benefits from a personalized chat group reminiscent of those on platforms like Telegram. Yet, there’s a catch: To gain entry into another participant’s private discussion room, one needs to own the requisite keys. This design prompts participants to secure keys, facilitating access to coveted content and invigorating discussions.

The Rise of “Sniper Bots” in Amplifying Revenue

However, Friend.Tech Protocol’s ascent in the DeFi realm isn’t solely due to its groundbreaking social interaction model. An instrumental element driving its success is the launch of 450 “sniper bots.” These autonomous trading mechanisms have raked in a phenomenal $5.9 million, representing 34% of the revenue for creators on the platform. This underscores the burgeoning potential of such instruments in the expansive DeFi sector.

While the protocol has been lauded for revolutionizing social networking, its prowess in DeFi is undeniable. Achieving over 10,000 ETH in revenue and a Total Value Locked (TVL) surpassing 30,000 ETH underscores its soaring popularity and the burgeoning demand for decentralized finance offerings.

Friend.Tech Protocol is not only captivating cryptocurrency aficionados but also captivating a broader audience of social media aficionados. The platform is navigating the rising trend of ascribing value to digital interactions by monetizing access to unique digital content and discussion rooms.


Friend.Tech Protocol’s feat of amassing more than 10,000 ETH in earnings while boasting a TVL beyond 30,000 ETH signifies its pioneering approach to intertwining social networking with the vast potential of the DeFi realm.

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