Former SEC Chair Jay Clayton Predicts Inevitable Approval of Spot Bitcoin ETF

Key Points:

  • Jay Clayton, former SEC Chair, believes Spot Bitcoin ETF approval is inevitable.
  • Growing interest from retail investors and trusted providers fuels the ETF’s momentum.
  • Clayton challenges the notion that futures ETFs are safer, anticipating SEC progress.

Former US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair, Jay Clayton, recently shared his conviction that the approval of a Spot Bitcoin ETF is “inevitable.” This comes amid the SEC’s deliberation on various ETF applications and growing interest from retail investors and trusted providers.

Spot Bitcoin ETF Gains Momentum

Applications for spot Bitcoin ETFs have surged, marking a significant development in the digital asset industry. This interest isn’t limited to digital asset firms; even established financial institutions like BlackRock and Fidelity are keen to enter this market. Despite the SEC’s prolonged deliberations on these applications, a former SEC chairman has shared his perspective on the situation.

Former SEC Chair Jay Clayton Predicts Inevitable Approval of Spot Bitcoin ETF
Former SEC Chair Jay Clayton Predicts Inevitable Approval of Spot Bitcoin ETF

Clayton’s Insight on Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval

During an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box, Jay Clayton emphasized his belief in the inevitability of spot Bitcoin ETF approval. He acknowledged the clear interest from retail investors and the determination of trusted providers to offer this product to the public. Clayton asserts that the greenlighting of such an ETF is not a question of “if” but “when.”

“It is evident that Bitcoin is not categorized as a security” It is something that retail investors want access to, and importantly, some of our most trusted providers want to provide these products to the retail public,” Clayton stated. “Approval is inevitable.”

Clayton also addressed the notion that futures ETFs are safer for investors compared to spot ETFs. He argued against this assumption, saying, “There are now large institutions with surveillance mechanisms who are coming in and saying, ‘No, that’s not the case.'”

While Clayton acknowledged that the SEC has the opportunity to find other reasons to deny ETF applications, he expressed his inability to see those reasons. Instead, he anticipates progress in this area from the SEC in the near future.


Former SEC Chair Jay Clayton’s perspective sheds light on the growing momentum and anticipation surrounding spot Bitcoin ETFs. His belief in the inevitability of approval, coupled with the increasing interest from retail investors and trusted providers, suggests that the digital asset landscape is poised for significant changes.

As the SEC continues its deliberations, the industry watches closely for the anticipated development of spot Bitcoin ETFs, which could have a profound impact on cryptocurrency adoption and investment in the United States.

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