Arbitrum Airdrop: 5 Interesting Facts to Watch Out for

Arbitrum Airdrop: 5 Interesting Facts to Watch Out for
Arbitrum Airdrop: 5 Interesting Facts to Watch Out for. Sourced from Blue Willow AI

The buzzword or perhaps phrase in web3 currently is the upcoming Arbitrum airdrop and the hype may just be worth it. The Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution announced the launch of DAO governance for the Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova networks, alongside the launch of $ARB on March 16.

The $ARB token will be the governance token of the Ethereum-based roll-up and holders can participate in the protocol’s decision-making.

Once the $ARB token is live on March 23, Arbitrum will join other Layer-2 solutions like Optimism and Polygon which have native tokens. Beyond the social media buzz, $ARB looks set to be one of the biggest airdrops yet and the data points to this. Here are five reasons why the Arbitrum airdrop might just be the moonshot of the bear market.

No On-Chain Activity, No Airdrop

A points system was used to select the wallet addresses that will be eligible to claim the Arbitrum airdrop and how many tokens each wallet can claim. There are 12 points in total with users with over 12 points being eligible to claim 12,500 4ARB tokens. This eliminates wallets that would try to Sybil the system and rack up as many tokens as possible and instead rewards the most active users of the protocol. Don’t expect these guys to sell for pennies.

Listing on Major Exchanges

Liquidity will scarcely be an issue for users looking to sell their $ARB tokens as major exchanges like Binance, Huobi, and MEXC have announced that they will be listing the token on the 23rd of March. Users will be able to trade the Erc-20 token on the platforms once they claim the airdrop.

Arbitrum is a DeFi Colossus Without a Token… Until Now

The roll-up niche in DeFi has grown substantially over the years as gas fees and congestion continue to plague Ethereum. Arbitrum remains at the top of that pile with over 55% of the total value locked (TVL) on Ethereum according to data from L2BEATS. The Arbitrum ecosystem is burgeoning with cross-chain bridges, Gamefi, NFTs, and Options. The $ARB token will be used to govern this massive ecosystem.


What is a good fundamental without some good ol hype? From Twitter to Telegram and Discord, the Arbitrum airdrop is all everyone is talking about. Speculations around the price of $ARB once listed dominate the bulk of conversations. Some users are already buying and selling the tokens over the counter (OTC). Hype is good for any token, just ask DOGE and SHIBA holders.

Market Recovery + Airdrop = Great Timing

In case you missed it, Bitcoin just broke through $28,000 for the first time in 9 months after what has been a brutal bear market. Optimism is slowly returning to the market and the Arbitrum airdrop might just be the adrenaline shot the market needs right now.

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