Welcome to The Biggest Update of MEXC Launchpad in 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Easily find out your overall APY and committed projects with the new update!
  • Find out your weekly, monthly, and total reward earnings at the rewards information page!
  • More than 800 free airdrops completed!

MEXC Launchpad and Kickstarter have been running for more than 8 months. It has also successfully rewarded users with more than +800 free airdrops! In response to users’ popular suggestion, our event’s landing page is finally here with a huge display upgrade! Let’s explore the features!

What is MEXC’s New Launchpad Display Upgrade?

Are you ready to take your earnings game to the next level? We’ve got exciting news for all our users! Our Launchpad and Kickstarter landing page is now equipped with new features that allow you to gain deep insights into your earnings from Launchpad and Kickstarter events. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just getting started, these features are designed to help you maximize your rewards.

What Is Available in This New Display?

1. Personal Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

One of the standout features is the Personal Annualized Earnings Rate. With the Project APY display, you can see exactly how much you are earning from all the free airdrops! This metric is calculated based on the airdrop rewards you’ve earned within a specific statistical period. It provides you with a clear view of your potential annualized earnings, helping you gauge the profitability of your investments.

Did you know that our events are constantly growing? With 155 successful airdrops in August, our Q3 performance for events never fell below 130. This means that every month, all users can get more than 130 free airdrops!

2. Number of Project Participation

So many projects and free airdrops weekly, so little time to remember. Therefore, this display will show you exactly how many projects are currently ongoing. Did the numbers go lower than usual? You probably missed something out. If it is higher? That means that MEXC Launchpad and Kickstarter are growing even more significantly. Nevertheless, it is all profits for you!

3. Cumulative Earnings Amount

Want to see the bigger picture? The Total Earnings Bar shows you the total profits you’ve accumulated in USDT. With so many projects and various earnings, this will easily help you calculate all your profits! With this new page, you can finally show your friends exactly how much you earn! Perhaps they might finally join you and participate in the event together!

However, it’s important to note that the statistics for Kickstarter begin on January 1, 2023. Meanwhile, Launchpad started on March 24, 2023. This ensures that you have accurate data from the very beginning of these exciting opportunities.

What Are the Statistics For Users who Did Not Join Any Events?

Even if you’re not logged in or did not participate, our platform has you covered. The Personal Project APY will be displayed as the project’s annualized earnings rate in such cases. This rate is calculated based on the airdrop earnings obtained for every 1000 MX in projects settled within the last 30 days. This way, you’ll always have access to valuable insights, whether you’re actively participating or just exploring.

It might also be a good motivation for you to start participating! Therefore, don’t wait—start exploring now!

Wait, Don’t Go! There’s More!

Huge Upgrades To Reward Information Page

As optimization for the landing pages continues, our team thinks that it is time to upgrade the Reward Information Page too! Here are the newly added improvements for your easy navigation and statistics!

1. Weekly Reward Earnings

Now, you can track your earnings every week. This feature shows you the cumulative earnings in USDT resulting from all the free airdrop distributions in the current week. We have more than 30 free airdrops and we know it’s hard to keep track. Therefore, weekly reward earnings will help you remember everything you need to.

2. Monthly Reward Earnings

Want to take a broader view of your earnings trends? The monthly reward earnings feature provides you with a cumulative USDT amount earned from rewards distribution within the current month. This insight allows you to assess your income, showing you all the profits from holding MX Tokens.

3. Total Reward Earnings

Dive deep into your overall performance with the total reward earnings tab. This feature showcases the cumulative USDT earnings from rewards distributed within your selected time frame. Whether you want to analyze your earnings over the last few months or since you began your journey, this feature has you covered. In my opinion, this tab is the result of your hard work, checking out Launchpad and Kickstarter events, and participating in it daily. Without your determination, you will not be able to see all the profits!


Now that you have all the tools for easy statistics, it is time to show off! Tell the world how you made profits in just a few clicks! Show your friend the total earnings and APY despite going through a bear market! Most importantly, show everyone the power of MX tokens, and invite them to participate in MEXC Launchpad and Kickstarter now!

Meanwhile, check out all of the listings in the Innovation and Assessment zones as well as the major tokens in the Main Zone – we have more amazing projects to come! Visit the Hot Projects section as well to uncover more featured popular tokens. Lastly, feel free to visit MEXC Academy to learn more about cryptocurrency!

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