CropBytes – MEXC Launchpad Review

From October 30 to November 4, MEXC launched the first session of our own launchpad with Cropbytes

The project for the first session was CropBytes (CBX – Trade it here). CropBytes is a crypto
farming game that has created a virtual metaverse giving users a chance to play
and grow their in-game portfolio while creating a career path for their characters
virtually. CropBytes farming is based on sustainable economics like the one in the real world.
Players can choose to grow crops, produce goods, raise farm animals and build
their own crypto farms. Gamers love the farming and strategic business challenges to
play and grow their crypto farm.

CropBytes Project

CropBytes was founded with a vision to drive the creation of real value for gamers
around the world in the form of virtual currency. CropBytes has over 250K signups
and 100K downloads on PlayStore and AppStore.

CBX CropBytes Game – Get ready to farm!

Players & the Game Economy

The game has 3 types of players who can start playing the game as any of the

  • Traders: Players who, along with farming, also trade assets, extracts, and supplies with co-players to boost their in-game portfolio.
  • Farmers: Players who farm and contribute to the economy by performing recurring tasks.
  • Owners: Players who own assets and use them to provide services to other players.

All assets in the game have their own value and intrinsic functions thereby
contributing to the ecosystem itself. When a player performs activities in the
game, they collect extracts, and these extracts will be converted to the CBX token
which in turn can be used in the game to buy fungible assets or other super rare

The balanced economy with a mix of Fungible tokens(FTs) and NFTs in the game
ensures that there is enough liquidity in the marketplace when players try to
purchase or sell assets. This is the beauty of the game, and this has led to many
players thriving in the game over the last 3 years.

Token of CropBytes (CBX)

CBX is the native token of the CropBytes ecosystem and acts as an in-game
currency with several use cases. Mining the token too is an easy process as users
just need to play the game and participate in activities and quests to mine the CBX
token. CBX can also be used as a mode of payment and settlement in the ecosystem.
The varying applications and uses of the token are one of the major reasons
behind the CBX token doing well after its launch on MEXC exchanges.

Supply of CropBytes Token (CBX)

CBX token has a total supply of 500 million tokens. The tokens will be distributed
according to the general breakdown shown above. After creation, the unlock
period for the CBX tokens is expected to take place in stages over the course of
four years.

CropBytes closed funding rounds with industry leaders such as Polygon, Kryptos,
Exnetwork Capital, Master Ventures and Strip Finance.

CropBytes (CBX) Allocation
CropBytes (CBX) Allocation

CBX Token Mining

Players can mine the CBX token by just playing the game and participating in activities
and quests. The more progress a player makes, the more they get rewarded.
CropBytes also lets players mine CBX when they convert the produce that is
generated by their assets and animals.

MEXC Listing Performance

CBX was listed on November 5 in the innovation zone with the largest increase of 31.8X , from
0.1 USDT(the sales price) to the highest 3.18 USDT.

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