GEMS of MEXC that doubled post-launch

MEXC Exchange is known as a GEM Hunter for token, coin and crypto projects. Our traders find gems on MEXC which are not to be found on other exchanges and by the time it lands on other exchanges it has already risen to greater heights from its initial listing price on MEXC Exchange.

A new trader will not be able to notice this however the pros are good at keeping data so to make it easier for our traders to be pros we at MEXC have decided to update with data which helps you understand and make vice trading decisions all while you sharpen your trading skills.

At MEXC we celebrate M-Day to launch a new token and the MEXC community has benefited a lot from the gains of these GEMS that MEXC put forth for our users.


DORA – Launch Date 21st March 2021

What is DORA?

Dora Factory is a programmable DAO as a service open infrastructure on the substrate.

Dora launched on MEXC on 21st March 2021 at a price of 10 USDT and went up to 31.9 USDT which is a staggering increase of 219%

REVV – Launch Date 10th March 2021

What is REVV?

Revv is an ERC-20 utility token that serves as the primary currency in branded motorsports blockchain games developed and published by Animoca Brands including F1 Delta Time and upcoming titles based on MotoGP and Formula E REVV is designed to enable true digital ownership of game assets giving players freedom and control over in-game property – most of which is tokenized.

REVV launched on MEXC on 10th March 2021 at a price of 0.16 USDT and went up to 0.55 which is a massive gain of 266.67%

SCRT – Launch Date 04th March 2021

What is SCRT?

Secret Network is a decentralized network of computers (secret nodes) that utilise trusted execution environments (TEEs) to enable secure private computation over encrypted data.

SCRT launched on 04th March 2021 at a price of 2.5 USDT and went up to 4.8 USDT which is a gain of almost 100%

A5T – Launch Date 01st March 2021

What is A5T?

Alpha5 is an advanced crypto derivatives exchange with Spread Markets for both BTC and ETH Trade in the Entire Futures Curve powered by Implied Order Book technology A5T is the native exchange token of Alpha5

Alpha5 launched on 01st March 2021 at a price of 0.75 USDT and went up to 2.582 which is a gain of 244.27%

ALPA – Launch Date 19th November 2020

What is ALPA?

Alpaca City (ALPA) combines DeFi with NFT and is a virtual city based on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can manage their assets on the chain by collecting and breeding alpaca NFT. Each alpaca has different genetic characteristics and income farming capabilities.

ALPA launched on 19th November 2020 at a price of 0.29 USDT and went up to 1.1518 USDT which is a mind-blowing gain of 2876.23%

ECELL – Launch Date 22nd September 2020

What is ECELL?

CelETF, the core project under Consensus Cell Network with eCel as the basic token is a decentralized DeFi comprehensive application platform which is committed to providing the most professional trading services of decentralized digital currency ETF for global investors

ECELL launched on 22nd September 2020 at a price of 0.028 USDT and went up to 0.159 USDT which is a humongous gain of 472.77% 

CPH – Launch Date 10th September 2020

What is CPH?

CPH is the native utility token for the Cypherium blockchain and plays an integral role in fueling the platform. CPH can be used to send transactions or execute smart contracts.

CPH launched on 10th September 2020 at a price of 0.25 USDT and went up to 1.56 USDT which is a massive gain of 526.27%

CENNZ – Launched on 27th August 2020

What is CENNZ?

Centrality is a distributed ecosystem that connects different applications using blockchain technology. It breaks traditional industry value chains and concepts, supports startups at every stage and establishes business contacts with other DApps in the ecosystem.

CENNZ launched on 27th August 2020 at a price of 0.0478 USDT and went up to 0.4529 which is a bigtime gain of 1959%

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