Contradictory Signals in BTC and ETH Options Market Amid High Prices

Key Insights:

  • Dominant put buying in BTC and ETH block trades signals a bearish sentiment among major investors despite current high prices.
  • Large trades in deeper OTM options for BTC and ETH indicate whales preparing for potential market downturns.
  • The options market’s cautious stance contrasts with the high market sentiment, highlighting the unpredictability of cryptocurrency markets.

As Bitcoin maintains its strong position, hovering around the $44,000 mark, the options market sends investors mixed messages. In a notable shift, both Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) block trades have seen a significant tilt towards put buying. This trend indicates a cautious or bearish sentiment among some investors, despite the current high market prices. a professional options trader on X shared insights regarding the market, highlighting how high prices on BTC and ETH differ from the options market.

Dominance of Put Buying in Block Trades

The options market has revealed that more than half of the block trades for BTC and ETH, amounting to $13 million and $88 million, respectively, have been dominated by put buying. This totals a staggering $100 million in bearish bets in the market. The predominance of put buying in such large trades suggests that the whales are preparing for a potential downturn, despite the outwardly bullish market.

Whales Opt for Deeper OTM Options

The largest trades in the options market have been deeper out-of-the-money (OTM) options for both BTC and ETH, specifically P1,600 for Ethereum and P37,000 for Bitcoin, expiring at the end of January. This movement signifies that major investors are hedging their bets against a possible decline in the market. These positions, taken at a time of positive market sentiment, point to a notable divergence in outlook between different market participants.

BTC & ETH Current Price Action

Looking at the daily chart for Bitcoin, it is clear that the 24-hour price action has been bearish. After failing to hold the crucial 44K level, BTC has again dropped back to the 43K level as bulls and bears battle for control. BTC has been trading on the negative side of its trend line for most of the day, showing signs of a price reversal. BTC needs to hold above the 43K level to avoid a potential downtrend as bears continue to push for lower prices.

The same case with ETH has followed the same negative trend, dropping below $2,200. This downward movement aligns with the current bearish sentiment in the market, as most cryptocurrencies are facing similar price pressures. If the bearish persists, ETH could see a further price decline. However, there is still potential for a price reversal if bulls push the price back towards the $2,300 level.


The current state of the cryptocurrency options market, particularly for BTC and ETH, highlights a complex and multifaceted investment landscape. While Bitcoin maintains a high price point, the shift towards put buying in block trades and the preference for deeper OTM options by significant investors reveal a cautious, if not bearish, sentiment. This divergence in market outlook underscores the need for traders to remain vigilant and aware of the potential downside risks, even in times of overall market optimism.

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