Andrew P2P: My Success Story with MEXC MDay!

Hi! I’m Andrew P2P, a long-time MEXCer and now a YouTuber and related TG Channel owner! As you’ve might have noticed by my channels, I’m coming from Russia. I’d like to share my success story with MEXC.

My MEXC Story, how it all started:

Earlier this year I’ve registered on MEXC to keep some of my assets. I’ve read some info that MEXC had never experienced theft or hack, so I decided to give it a chance. Later I’ve discovered so many amazing features with MEXC – M-Day, MXDEFi and others. By that time I discovered that there are not so many content about MEXC in Russia, and I’ve decided to join MEXC Referral program and start doing YouTube videos for Russian audience. Since then, my audience is growing rapidly! You should know, that I’m not a pro blogger and I’m not deeply into video editing tech, but I’ve realized that it is very easy and what is more important, engaging!

My Russian MEXC Fan channel. Subscribe!

I now own YouTube and Telegram channels in which I tell people how to use MEXC and how to participate in M-day, Kickstarters, and the new MEXC Launchpad!

What content do I create?

People love giveaways and lotteries… That’s what I like too! Mostly, I tell people how to use MEXC Products such as M-Day, Kickstarter, and Launchpad, products where people can earn profit without investing much or doing activities complicated for beginners. I’ve checked them myself, and now I’m completely sure that they are fair and honest, so I can spread information about them in Russia!

Here, this is my most popular video up to this date. I know it looks simple, but that’s what people need! They are looking for easy solutions and straightforward guides, not fancy edits or cool effects! What I want to say and suggest: try that yourself! I’m sure you will be rewarded by the audience and MEXC!

My referral rewards

You know it’s wonderful when you get feedback. And when you get rewarded for your efforts, it’s even more amazing! Now MEXC offers a superb referral program – easy to use and really profitable for both you and your invitee. I got almost $3200 for my videos via referral!

Any registered user can pick up a link and start sharing it with friends and relatives. Or you can just start making content about MEXC products or trading with MEXC in any social media – nothing needed just a PC, laptop, or even your smartphone!

Here, take a look at my performance so far:

Referral rewards MEXC gave me for my efforts.

Shout out loud with MEXC and write your success story!

I’m not familiar with writing a lot and long texts are not my cup of tea, but when MEXC employee PM’ed me with an opportunity to be first in MEXC Creators corner I’ve decided to give it a go! So, what I want to say by this article: don’t be shy! Join the crypto community, join MEXC and what is most important: start doing your content! It’s really engaging and profitable, there are still so many things with MEXC which people want to know more about! If you know one or you think you know, just do! Record, upload and become MEXC KOL with your first video or social media post, who know’s maybe you are next BitBoy!

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