Alchemy Pay Gains Ground in US Market with Iowa Licensing

Key Points:

  • Alchemy Pay secures vital U.S. licensing, expanding market reach.
  • Global licenses bolster Alchemy Pay’s cross-border payment solutions.
  • Compliance focus strengthens Alchemy Pay’s industry credibility and growth.

Alchemy Pay, the Singapore-based crypto payment gateway, has recently made significant strides in the U.S. financial market by obtaining a money services license from Iowa. This achievement comes shortly after the company was granted a money transmitter license in Arkansas, showcasing Alchemy Pay’s commitment to regulatory standards.

Elevating to the Ranks of Major U.S. Crypto Players

By securing these licenses, Alchemy Pay positions itself alongside prominent U.S. crypto market entities such as Coinbase and Moonpay. These licenses indicate Alchemy Pay’s ambitions to be a compliant and user-friendly payment service in the crypto industry.

Robert McCracken, Alchemy Pay’s ecosystem lead, emphasized the importance of these licenses in enhancing the company’s global payment capabilities. “Securing our second Money Services License in the United States highlights our commitment to compliance while continually improving our services for users. Our ongoing efforts to acquire licenses globally are a testament to our dedication to expanding our network coverage and enhancing user experience,” said McCracken.

Alchemy Pay is not stopping with these achievements. The company has completed applications for additional money transmitter licenses in various U.S. states, with decisions anticipated in the coming months. This expansive approach underlines Alchemy Pay’s strategy to fortify its presence in the U.S. crypto payment sector.

Global Licensing Achievements

The company’s licensing accomplishments extend beyond the United States. Alchemy Pay has obtained similar regulatory approvals in several countries, including Lithuania, Indonesia, and Canada. Moreover, the company has set its sights on acquiring licenses in other major markets like the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

These global licensing efforts are not just about strengthening Alchemy Pay’s standing in the cryptocurrency payment industry. They also pave the way for the company to gain credibility in the traditional payment sector. Alchemy Pay is solidifying its position as a versatile and reliable payment gateway in the crypto and traditional financial worlds by navigating and complying with diverse regulatory environments.


Alchemy Pay’s recent licensing achievements in Iowa and Arkansas and its global expansion efforts reflect the company’s commitment to compliance and user experience. These developments enhance Alchemy Pay’s reputation in the cryptocurrency payment industry and signify its growing influence in the broader financial market.

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