5 AI Tokens That Will Generate So Much Attraction to the Blockchain

The growth experienced by the technological age has been unimaginable, with blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) playing a huge part in recent times as the hype surrounding the emergence of AI becomes so much interest for many.

5 AI Tokens That Will Generate So Much Attraction To The Blockchain
5 AI Tokens That Will Generate So Much Attraction To The Blockchain

Artificial intelligence and blockchain can bring so much growth and opportunities. Still, in the long run, many are skeptical of how the emergence of AI will affect so many daily activities and render some jobs irrelevant. 

Recently, there has been so much debate on how harnessing the ideas of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies would bring extensive growth and opportunities to the blockchain space as its technologies aim to cut across Metaverse, gaming, and Non-fungible Tokens (NFT), and decentralized Identity.

Let’s focus on some of these AI tokens and how they have implemented some great ideas in the blockchain space.

What Are AI Tokens

Artificial intelligence tokens, or AI tokens, are cryptocurrencies designed to power by AI-related technologies, apps, services, AI-generated images, NFTs, and decentralized AI marketplace. 

Some of these AI tokens refer to governance tokens. These are rights given to their holders to participate in activities in the crypto community. Users can also carry out transactions and pay for services in the blockchain space.

The emergence of ChatGPT by Microsoft has brought so much adrenaline to how much AI technologies can achieve with little to no effort. AI technologies can improve everything from scalability, user experience, market prediction, and even security. 

These endless opportunities offer developers a revolutionary platform to build services and applications that meet their needs and solve society’s problems more effectively and efficiently.

Examples of AI Tokens

Let us consider some examples of great AI tokens that have continued to contribute to the growth of the blockchain space.

SingularityNET (AGIX)

This is a decentralized marketplace where people can buy and sell services and products related to AI in a decentralized way using its utility token called AGIX as its mode of payment. 

SingularityNET also offers AI services that include the exchange of data models and other resources needed to train and improve the models of other AI with its goal of providing a decentralized marketplace for all in the blockchain space.

Alethea AI (ALI) 

Alethea is an AI-powered image generator that generates images based on the feeds gotten from different users. It can be used to create digital art and video game assets based on the input provided by the AI tool.

With its native token Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI), users can generate AI characters in the form of NFTs. These tokens its users hold give them the right to much more as a governance token.

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) 

This provides private data for building AI models in the blockchain space. In recent times, private data has become more valuable, considering how it improves research and businesses in recent years. Still, it has faced a troubling concern over privacy and control of these data. 

With the help of Ocean Protocol‘s compute-to-data, this addresses the issue of granting private data. It enables owners to approve AI algorithms to run on these data and allows AI models to train without compromising data privacy.  

The Graph (GRT)

The Graph is an open-source technology based on distributed ledger technology (DLT). It helps decentralized technology collect data from the blockchain without the help of a third party.

With the help of the Graph protocol, programmers and other network users can create subgraphs for various decentralized applications (dApps) and use them for data querying, indexing, and collection.


This pathfinder algorithm powered by AI allows the DeFi ecosystem to target the most efficient and profitable trading paths on decentralized exchanges. With the help of its machine learning algorithms, it analyzes prices, liquidity, trading volumes, and other data. 

The use of AI tokens in the AI blockchain industry is still in its early stages. However, they can potentially play a significant role in driving innovation and adoption of AI technologies. 

Overall, AI tokens represent an emerging trend in the AI industry. Their use is likely to grow as AI becomes more widespread and integral to our daily lives.

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