Commerzbank Secures Germany’s First Full-Service Crypto Custody License

Key Points:

  • Commerzbank pioneers as the first full-service German bank with a crypto custody license.
  • Germany’s banking sector increasingly embraces digital asset services and blockchain.
  • Regulatory compliance is central to the expansion of crypto services in Germany.
Commerzbank Secures Germany's First Full-Service Crypto Custody License
Commerzbank Secures Germany’s First Full-Service Crypto Custody License

Commerzbank, a major banking institution in Germany, has recently achieved a significant milestone in the digital assets sector. The bank proudly announced on November 15 that it had obtained a crypto custody license, a first for a full-service bank in Germany. This development, under the guidelines of the German Banking Act, marks a pivotal step for Commerzbank in expanding its digital asset services.

Jörg Oliveri del Castillo-Schulz, the Chief Operating Officer of Commerzbank, expressed that this achievement is a crucial step forward. He emphasized the bank’s dedication to integrating cutting-edge technologies and innovations. This move is part of Commerzbank’s strategy to strengthen its support for customers in managing digital assets. The acquisition of this license not only underlines the bank’s commitment to technological advancement but also establishes a solid foundation for future services in the digital asset domain.

Strategic Expansion in Digital Asset Services

The immediate plan for Commerzbank is to roll out a secure and reliable platform that adheres to the stringent local regulations. This platform will focus on providing crypto custody services to institutional clients, leveraging blockchain technology for enhanced security and efficiency.

This announcement from Commerzbank comes amidst a wave of similar advancements within Germany’s banking sector. For instance, on November 6, DZ Bank, Germany’s third-largest bank, disclosed its crypto custody services aimed at institutional investors. DZ Bank applied for a crypto custody license in June 2023 to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions for institutional and private clients.

Furthermore, the German financial landscape witnessed BitGo, a United States-based crypto custody firm, expand its operations under the German regulatory framework. After three years of managing its dedicated local subsidiary, BitGo secured a license from the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority in September, enhancing its compliance with local norms.

The German digital asset landscape is rapidly evolving. Earlier in March, Deutsche WertpapierServiceBank launched the wpNex crypto trading platform. This platform allows over 1,200 banks and savings institutions across Germany to engage with the digital asset industry.


These developments collectively signify a growing interest and acceptance of digital assets within Germany’s financial sector. With established banks like Commerzbank leading the way, the country is poised to become a significant hub for digital asset services and blockchain technology in Europe.

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