XRP Skyrockets After Positive Court Ruling

On Thursday, a New York court ruled that Ripple’s sale of XRP tokens on exchanges and through algorithms did not constitute investment contracts. Following the news, XRP prices skyrocket within minutes, churning more than 30%.

XRP Skyrockets After Positive Court Ruling
XRP Skyrockets After Positive Court Ruling

Victory for Ripple Labs and XRP Token Holders

Following reports of a judge ruling in favor of Ripple in its case against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the price of Ripple’s XRP surged by as much as 16% within minutes. The judge’s ruling stated that Ripple’s sale of XRP does not qualify as an offer of investment contracts. This marks a significant victory for the company after the case’s three-year duration. Meanwhile, MEXC saw an immediate 16% price increase for XRP, followed by an additional 30% surge in the subsequent hour.

This legal triumph represents a major milestone for Ripple while posing a setback for the SEC, as the commission failed to establish that the sales of XRP constituted investment contracts. The news has been received with great enthusiasm by XRP holders, leading to a significant surge in the cryptocurrency’s value. As a result, XRP has now entered the top five cryptocurrencies in terms of total market capitalization and continues to trend higher.

Here are the details following the court documents:

“Defendants’ motion for summary judgment is GRANTED as to the Programmatic Sales, the Other Distributions, and Larsen’s and Garlinghouse’s sales, and DENIED as to the Institutional Sales.”

XRP Token Current Price

At the time of writing, XRP is trading at $0.6336‎. It is currently looking at a 34% growth with a fully diluted market cap of $61,325,740,626. Furthermore, it took over the number 5 spot on CoinMarketCap following the total trading volume.

Where to buy XRP Token

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How to buy XRP Tokens on MEXC

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