What is The Hourglass Collective (WAIT)

The Hourglass Collective is a Web3 incubator and group of established business professionals from the worlds of fintech, media, mobile apps, retail, entertainment, and marketing.

The Hourglass Collective was created by the Hourglass $WAIT community to elevate Web3. Its mission “is to grow the adoption of real-world blockchain utility by incubating projects that bridge the crypto space with mainstream entertainment, popular apps, major retail brands, and large-scale events.”

The Hourglass team asserts they’re introducing a new approach towards crypto adoption through its established relationships with the entertainment industry, trialing blockchain tech with traditional sectors such as retail, and integrating the world’s best Web3 startup projects with reputable businesses through incubation, strategic advisory, and relationship-forging.

The Hourglass token $WAIT is currently listed on MEXC and is available for traders.

Current Realities Behind Low Crypto Adoption Rates

As a rule of thumb, almost 90% of startups fail. This figure extends across a variety of industries including AI, internet services, and especially to new business models centered around crypto, blockchain, and Web3.

To help foster visible crypto adoption, the Hourglass Collective has partnered with NEFT Brands, a global conglomerate that owns a portfolio of premium alcohol brands, TV productions, live entertainment promotions, celebrity podcasts, apps, and media companies. NEFT Brands will lend invaluable in-house resources to help with the Hourglass Collective’s mission.

Founding Team

Billionaire Jeff Mahony will lead Hourglass as the company’s Chairman. Jeff Mahony is a billionaire private investor and pioneer in the Fintech space who maintains several impactful international banking relationships. SaveDaily, an API-based financial services technology firm, where Mahony was co-founder and Chairman, is perhaps Mahony’s most successful venture.

Mahony has also surrounded himself with business professionals to bring crypto to the masses. In particular, Mahony has assembled a team that includes Jett Tang, Brian D. Evans, George Tung, Layah Heilpern, Ro Sahebi, Enrique Velez, and Ivo Ten Broek. These well-known individuals with well over 2 million social media followers have the goal to help the Hourglass Incubator reach new heights and develop Web3’s best future applications.

The First-Ever Crypto Reality TV Show

On September 7th, the Hourglass Collective will be releasing season 1 of the highly anticipated reality show TV series, ‘The Next Crypto Gem’, to worldwide television audiences.

‘The Next Crypto Gem’ is a competitive reality TV show that will bring the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency to a mainstream television audience for the first time. The show will run for 7 weeks and will feature industry-recognizable cast members, including Brian D. Evans, Layah Heilpern, George Tung, and Ben ‘Bitboy’ Armstrong.

The show’s format will be directed in a way that combines the drama of “Shark Tank” with the competitive spirit of “The Voice” and the business intensity of “The Apprentice.”

16 contestants will compete against one another for a prize package estimated to be worth over $150,000.

Jett Tang, Executive Producer of the TV series and President of the Hourglass Collective, incubated this particular project and has high hopes that it will capture the audience’s attention and interest in crypto culture through influential personalities, debate, disagreement, education, and laughter.

This show has the potential to begin a new trend where established entertainment players, shows, films, and leading video game makers integrate Web3, crypto, blockchain, and NFTs into their business models.

To tune in to the next great crypto marketing and entertainment experiment, on September 7th, ‘The Next Crypto Gem’ will be available on Insight TV’s global network of 178 platforms in 55 countries. Viewers can access Insight TV’s channels across Linear, Fast, and OTT platforms.


Technological advancements and innovations such as ChatGTP have helped the world in many ways. Crypto, blockchain, and Web3 are trying to make their way to global prominence. The road will be bumpy, but there are thousands of projects such as the Hourglass Collective working together to advance the industry’s relevance to the real economy.

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