What is Ethereum Express – A Faster, Safer, and Cheaper L1 EVM (ETE)

The Ethereum Express network is an L1 network that offers speed, security, and cost-efficiency. It is built upon the foundational framework of the Ethereum EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine).

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What is Ethereum Express - A Faster, Safer, and Cheaper L1 EVM (ETE)
What is Ethereum Express – A Faster, Safer, and Cheaper L1 EVM (ETE)

Why Do We Need Ethereum Express?

The Ethereum network is experiencing a growing number of applications and smart contracts. As resource usage continues to rise, congestion on the Ethereum network is becoming more pronounced. Ultimately, it leads to a significant increase in GAS consumption for transfers and contract executions. In this context, similar to the Ethereum Express Network, it becomes increasingly advantageous for layer 1 solutions to emerge as competitive alternatives.

Therefore, the team plans to independently develop a blockchain browser. It will progressively outperform existing solutions like ETHscan in terms of power and reliability. Additionally, they are working on establishing a wallet system and ETEswap on the network. This will enhance the security of their customers.

As part of this approach, they are moving away from most of the original wormhole systems and opting for coordination across chains through centralized exchanges (CEXs). This will support both ERC20 and ETRC20 tokens. It will also collaborate with third-party cross-chain partners. This strategy is expected to offer a more secure and dependable cross-chain experience.

Architecture of Ethereum Express

In traditional permissionless blockchain scaling, a significant challenge known as the Blockchain Trilemma revolves around the simultaneous achievement of decentralization, security, and scalability. It is a feat that current blockchain systems struggle to accomplish.

The Ethereum Express Network posits that the solution to this problem lies in the architecture of traditional blockchains. This means that their components are tightly interconnected and interdependent, making it difficult to extract and integrate individual pieces.

To address this challenge, the Ethereum Express Network adopts a modular architecture, divided into three key layers:

  1. Execution Layer: This layer is responsible for executing nearly all contract-based transactions and supporting decentralized applications. It incorporates a combination of ZK Rollup and Collaborative Rollup techniques, where the results of these executions are submitted to the settlement layer. The settlement layer, in turn, ensures unassailable security and definitive finality.
  2. Settlement Layer: Here, the focus is on verifying and settling the results produced by the execution layer. Additionally, the settlement layer serves as the asset layer, managing and settling assets on the blockchain.
  3. Data Availability Layer: This layer is primarily dedicated to data storage, utilizing data sharding to permanently store high-value data. Through data availability sampling technologies, it can offer dependable verification for lightweight clients.

Furthermore, by leveraging the Time Crossing cross-chain protocol, the Ethereum Express Network can implement a multi-chain topology to cater to the diverse needs of application chains. Notably, “Time Crossing” is compatible with Cosmos IBC. This enables cross-chain support for blockchains within the Cosmos ecosystem, including the Cosmos Hub.

This modular approach not only addresses the Blockchain Trilemma but also enables greater flexibility and compatibility within the blockchain space.

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