What is 3DPass – A Platform That Transforms Objects Into a Trustless Digital Identity (P3D)

3DPass is an open-source peer-to-peer platform that facilitates the conversion of tangible or virtual items. It converts objects into a reliable and sustainable digital identity known as HASH ID. Then, this digital identity can then be utilized as a digital asset. This will provide a secure and transparent framework for managing and leveraging the identity of real or virtual objects.

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Introduction to the Background of 3DPass

3DPass runs on real-world object recognition technology. It features diverse research-based algorithms crafted by either the team or community members. These algorithms are specifically adapted to function within the blockchain environment, where there is no feedback mechanism for comparing objects during processing due to the absence of a trusted backend. This absence is a consequence of the blockchain architecture, which entails equal nodes owned by users who inherently lack mutual trust. Consequently, any object, event, or transaction necessitates verification through offline mathematical calculations.

The inaugural algorithm, Grid2d aims to identify the shapes of 3D objects. It also addresses the challenge of digitally transforming real-world objects. Meanwhile, the practical implementation of these algorithms is manifested in the pass3d recognition toolkit. It is a pivotal component of the Proof of Scan peer-to-peer network consensus integral to the decentralized 3DPass blockchain platform. This introduces a distinctive concept of a Layer 1 network where assets are tethered to smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) logic, creating a network of unique entities. This unique network structure, in turn, enables utilization within smart contracts and transactions, with network nodes actively preventing asset duplication.

What is 3DPass’s Hash ID?

The Pass3d recognition toolkit captures the distinctive attributes of an object’s shape and generates a persistent digital identity known as HASH ID. This identity remains consistent regardless of the number of different 3D scans processed for the same object. It also facilitates the establishment of a one-to-one correspondence between the object and its digital asset. This distinguishes it from conventional NFTs, which solely rely on a file signature. For example, altering a single dot in the file would completely change the signature, allowing for easy, uncontrolled asset duplication. By leveraging object recognition, Pass3d prevents such unauthorized copying.

The flexibility of the recognition algorithm Grid2d enables the adjustment of processing definition levels according to the 3D scanning resolution or accuracy of the 3D model. This capability allows the definition of property rights borders for assets and distinguishes whether a particular object is genuine or fake.

HASH ID ensures a high level of privacy by containing “zero knowledge”. The object’s seed data is safeguarded using the cryptographic standard SHA-2. A critical factor in distinguishing 3D objects lies in the uniqueness of their shape, coupled with the scanning quality and application settings.

Where to buy P3D Token

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What is the Price of P3D Tokens?

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How to buy P3D Tokens on MEXC

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