US Senators Introduce Bill to Combat Cryptocurrency Use in Terrorism Financing

Key Points:

  • Bill targets crypto in terrorist finance, focusing on FTOs.
  • The legislation empowers the Treasury against digital asset threats.
  • US bipartisan effort strengthens sanctions and safeguards financial integrity.

US senators are taking decisive action against using cryptocurrencies in terrorism financing. Senators Mitt Romney, Mark R. Warner, Mike Rounds, and Jack Reed have recently proposed the Terrorism Financing Prevention Act. This bipartisan bill aims to intensify sanctions against foreign entities that facilitate financial transactions with Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs), specifically mentioning groups like Hamas.

Expanding Sanctions Beyond Hezbollah

Previously, sanctions were primarily focused on Hezbollah following the enactment of the Hizballah International Financing Prevention Act in 2015. The new bill, however, broadens the scope to encompass all FTOs designated by the US, a move spurred by the urgency demonstrated in the October 7 attacks on Israel, executed by Hamas.

Highlighting the bill’s significance, Senator Romney pointed out the critical role of cryptocurrencies in terrorism financing. He asserted that the proposed legislation would empower the Treasury Department with enhanced resources to address the evolving threats digital assets pose.

The Terrorism Financing Prevention Act is meticulously crafted to ensure that the Treasury Department possesses the necessary tools to enforce sanctions against terrorist groups, including Hamas, effectively. This perspective was echoed by Senator Warner, who stressed the bill’s importance in safeguarding national security.

Strengthening Treasury’s Role Against Digital Threats

Senator Rounds emphasized the critical role of disrupting terrorist finance networks. He expressed confidence that the sanctions imposed on foreign financial institutions and companies dealing in digital assets that assist terrorists could be instrumental in saving lives.

The bipartisan nature of this legislation reflects a unified commitment to bolstering national security. It underscores the collective determination of US lawmakers to confront and dismantle the financial networks supporting terrorist activities.

Moreover, Senator Reed highlighted the imperative to preserve the integrity of the US financial system, especially against the emerging threats from terrorist organizations. The bill presents foreign financial institutions and cryptocurrency firms with a clear choice: either they continue doing business with terrorists or maintain access to the US financial system.


This legislative move by US senators marks a significant step in addressing the challenges posed by the evolving landscape of terrorism financing. It underscores the seriousness with which the US government approaches the issue, particularly in the increasing use of cryptocurrencies in illicit financial activities. The Terrorism Financing Prevention Act is a testament to the ongoing efforts to adapt and strengthen measures against the financing of terrorism, ensuring the security and stability of both the national and international financial systems.

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