Understanding Crypto Index: A Simplified Guide for Beginners

Understanding Crypto Index: A Simplified Guide for Beginners
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The Crypto Index is a crucial metric and should be understood by every trader. It is a sophisticated tool that helps to get a clearer view of the overall picture and conditions of the crypto market. 

By understanding the basic concept of the Crypto Index, traders can make better and more profitable trading decisions. 

So, what exactly is the Crypto Index? And how important is it in crypto trading? Let’s find the answers below!

What is the Crypto Index?

Crypto Index is an essential indicator used to provide an overview of the market capitalization of specific crypto assets. 

It’s a collection of prices from various types of cryptocurrencies, reflecting their cumulative value. The calculation of the crypto index is proportional to the amount of circulating coins. 

The process involves the correlation between the circulating coins and the prices of each coin, which is then converted into fiat, such as USD or EUR. 

Crypto Index can be used to assess the relative impact of each coin in the market, and everyone can leverage this information to make better decisions by aligning with the index.

Why is the Crypto Index Important in Trading?

Crypto Index plays a crucial role in crypto trading as it helps every trader identify the overall trends in the crypto market. 

This index provides a deeper insight into the direction of price movements and potential profit opportunities. 

It not only provides a broader perspective but also serves as a handy tool for risk management. Moreover, traders can use Crypto Index to measure the level of market volatility and take appropriate precautions to minimize potential losses.

3 Common Types of Crypto Index

There are several types of Crypto Indexes commonly used by professional traders on platforms like TradingView or other price chart providers to assist them in their crypto trading activities. Here are some examples:


The Total Index serves as a metric displaying the market capitalization of the top 125 crypto assets as defined on the Crypto Coins Screener on the TradingView platform. 

This index provides traders and investors with a comprehensive overview of the crypto market conditions, covering the combined value of the top 125 digital assets.


Next is the Total2 Index, which displays the market capitalization of the top 125 crypto assets excluding Bitcoin. 

This type of Crypto Index also gives every trader and investor a comprehensive overview of the current market conditions and trends.


Total3 Index is similar to Total and Total2, the difference being the market capitalization of the top 125 cryptos, excluding Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

This index type is usually suitable for use when traders want to focus on the performance of the crypto market without being influenced by the market capitalization of BTC or ETH.

How to Choose the Right Crypto Index?

After understanding its basic concept, it’s time to choose the Crypto Index suitable for use in crypto trading. Here are some references on how to choose the right Crypto Index:

1. Asset Composition

Pay attention to the composition of crypto assets in the index. Ensure that the Crypto Index includes every relevant asset to the strategy. 

Some indexes may be more focused on specific categories, such as altcoins, DeFi, or other markets. Sometimes, certain crypto assets are also not influenced by the market capitalization of Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

Therefore, make sure that the desired composition is correct so that you can choose an index that aligns with your preferences and needs.

2. Trading Goals

Clearly define trading goals, whether it’s to measure overall market performance or focus on a specific sector. 

Understanding trading goals will help determine the type of Crypto Index that is most suitable. For example, if analyzing overall market conditions, the Total index might be a more appropriate choice.

3. Risk Management

Different levels of volatility among various Crypto Indexes provide a more in-depth insight into the dynamics of the crypto market. 

Each index tends to have unique characteristics of price movements, depending on the composition of assets within it. Therefore, when selecting a suitable index, it is crucial to first consider risk tolerance.


Crypto Index is an important metric that provides a deep insight into the price movements of crypto assets. 

This index shows real-time market conditions and trends, helping traders create effective and profitable trading strategies. 

Its ability to cover various assets and sectors, as seen in some indexes such as Total, Total2, and Total3, makes it a highly flexible tool for traders and investors with various preferences and goals.

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