Unveiling Lumio: Bridging Ethereum and Aptos with a Speed-of-Light Rollup

After months of covert development, we’re thrilled to introduce Lumio – a groundbreaking optimistic rollup by Pontem Network. What sets Lumio apart is its unique blend of Ethereum and Aptos functionalities, aiming to redefine the landscape of Layer 2 solutions. While currently in closed testing, we’re eager to share the key details of this innovative project.

Unveiling Lumio: Bridging Ethereum and Aptos with a Speed-of-Light Rollup
Unveiling Lumio: Bridging Ethereum and Aptos with a Speed-of-Light Rollup

What is Lumio?

Lumio stands as a novel optimistic rollup. It aims to seamlessly integrate both Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Move VM – the virtual machine synonymous with Aptos. Meanwhile, the ultimate goal is to leverage Aptos for processing transactions settling on Ethereum. They hope to create a harmonious bridge between these two influential ecosystems.

The name ‘Lumio’ draws inspiration from the Latin word “lumen,” signifying light. This alludes to the swiftness Lumio brings to dApps on Ethereum, as our Layer 2 solution accelerates their performance.

To bring Lumio to life, we utilized the OP Stack – an open-source toolkit from the Optimism Collective. This toolkit, which already fuels the Optimism mainnet, is poised to underpin the Optimism Superchain – a future network of interconnected Layer 2s. Lumio utilizes a Rust implementation of the OP Stack, integrating the Magi client by a16z and Reth (Rust Ethereum), the execution layer (full node) developed by Paradigm.

This approach facilitates the seamless integration of Move VM, as Move itself is based on Rust – a language known for its security and efficiency in smart contract execution compared to Solidity.

Lumio’s Framework and Agnosticism:

Currently settling on Ethereum Sepolia and utilizing ETH as its gas currency, Lumio is designed with a versatile framework. It’s both execution- and settlement-layer agnostic. This allows customization to function as an L2 for various blockchains and virtual machines, including Aptos, Optimism, Celestia, and more.

This flexibility means Lumio transactions can be submitted to Ethereum, Aptos, or any other Ethereum rollup for final settlement. Developers working with Lumio can build dApps using both Solidity and the Move stack. Furthermore, Lumio enables Cross VM calls, empowering the deployment of multichain applications and fostering our vision to interconnect liquidity across all supported chains.


Lumio represents a significant stride in the evolution of Layer 2 solutions, seamlessly combining the strengths of Ethereum and Aptos. With its commitment to speed, security, and agnosticism, Lumio paves the way for a new era of decentralized applications. Our vision extends beyond innovation – we aim to interconnect liquidity, creating a dynamic ecosystem that transcends the boundaries of individual blockchains. Get ready to experience the speed of light in the world of Lumio!

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