Understanding Zebec Protocol – The Revolutionary DeFi technology

From its launch in 2018, MEXC has offered its users a fast and high-performance technology exchange with a focus on transaction matching. Currently, MEXC has over 6 million users spread over 70 countries around the world. It was recently awarded the title of the best cryptocurrency exchange in Asia at the Crypto Expo Dubai 2021. MEXC will facilitate Zebec Protocol by listing its token on its platform. (You can buy ZBC/USDT here)

What is Zebec?

Zebec is a groundbreaking DeFi technology that facilitates real-time and hassle-free payment streams. These money streams then make it possible for businesses, their staff and consumers to handle payment processes. The ease of use of these payment streams helps to reimagine the payment, investment and trading of goods and services.

Zebec Token Logo

The long-term objective of the protocol is to support large scale rapid and direct financial exchanges between sender and receiver. This means the elimination of all third-party intermediaries and go-betweens. This is short is the elimination of the conventional economic and banking system, which is entirely reliant on the role of intermediaries.

Zebec Pay

Zebec Pay is the initial application of the Zebec protocol. It is a low-cost payment solution that allows employees to earn by the second. Payment can be made in USDC or any other stable coin. Employees can get access to their money immediately. Employees can also gain access to high-end crypto-specific financial services like: 

  • Automating Dollar Cost Averaging: Zebec offers the only by-the-second cost averaging investment system on the blockchain. Zebec members can also decide to automate the conversion of some of their earnings into the cryptocurrency of their choice.
  • Investments & Yield-Farming: Zebec members can also control their money usage by programming smart contracts that automatically places some part of their income into the DeFi applications of their choice to earn additional income through yield farming. Investments can also be automated into crypto-friendly IRA & 401k accounts.
  • Free fiat On-Ramp & Off-Ramp: Zebec lets its users trade their currencies into USD and transfer their money after conversion from crypto to fiat to the bank account of their choice without any charges.

With all these user-friendly features, Zebec Pay is changing the paradigm for both staff and their employees by letting them earn by the second and receive their payments instantly without any time lag.

The automated investments, transfers, and exchange system are also helpful for investment purposes.

Advantages of using Zebec Pay

Using the Zebec payment protocol for streaming payments offer users the following benefits.

  1. Enhanced liquidity for both the buyer and seller.
  2. Using the protocol helps resolve the issue of payment disagreements in the gig economy.
  3. Using the protocol helps to enhance token productivity.

Future Projects

Zebec is focusing on further options to support the real-time transfer of monetary value. With Zebec Pay already functional, next is Zebec Safe. Zebec Safe is a fully adaptable multi-sig on Solana that supports treasury management functions. The Automated Dollar Cost Averaging feature is also about to go live. This will allow yield farmers and other traders to benefit from the almost zero fee format that the platform is introducing. 

How Zebec works?

Anybody that wants to make or receive payments through the Zebec platform will connect to it via the Phantom Wallet. The details of the receiver and their wallet address are filled in, and the funds can stream to the destination wallet. 

The receiver gets payment in their stream wallet, and they can withdraw it immediately to convert it into real cash. Zebec manages this end-to-end transfer, and it remains entirely on the Solana chain. 

Zebec and Solana Blockchain

The Solana blockchain is a robust chain with the capacity to run as many as 50,000 transactions per second. Its comparatively low gas charges compared to other chains make it even better. Zebec states that a new payment stream can be started in a short time for practical fractions of seconds.

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