Understanding HAWKSIGHT — The DeFi Super App which is live on MEXC

Hawksight is decentralized finance (DeFi) super app designed for all users. All a user has to do is deposit USDC to start running automatic DeFi strategies. These strategies allow users to start earning yields designed for profit optimization on Solana and Terra.


Hawksight also facilitates better investment choices through the use of its super app. This app relies on AI-derived trading signals, social signals, decentralized finance NFTs, and GameFi options. Solana Ventures and Terraform Labs are the main platforms supporting Hawksight.

Hawksight is a Solana run platform effective for diversified, Non-custodial investing transactions and numerical trading. Hawksight’s objective is to make information-based investments common for all. It plans to achieve this by making it possible for anyone to invest, make, or run high-performance liquidity pools and investments in crypto coins, decentralized finance, NFT and tokenized derivatives of physical assets.

Being based on the Solana platform makes it possible for Hawksight to meet the requirements for expansion, user-friendliness, speed, and safety needed for its mission. Being able to offer all these facilities means that Hawksight will be able to speed up the broad-based acceptability of its DeFi. This means that DeFi related NFTs and their trading will be much more convenient through Hawksight. Solana will continue to serve as the primary entrance. Subsequently, it will move towards cross-crypto operability. The next platform for focus will be Terra.

HawkSight’s Core Value

Hawksight has designed and started an artificial intelligence engine that allows profit-maximized trading signals to be broadcast to over 1.2Mn users and businesses worldwide. This is possible through different platforms like web pages, emails, Telegram chatbots, Discord chatbots, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

These connection options are essential to let Hawksight expand its market base and push toward the mainstream adoption of its decentralized finance protocol. When over 1.2Mn users and businesses come onto the Solana DeFi ecosystem, they usually do so by issuing actionable AI signals that are run immediately through a Non-custodial decentralized application.

HawkSight and DeFi for Everybody

DeFi App Overview

Users can find vaults with various crypto compositions and different approaches to trading. This makes for a clear track record and the ability to monitor investment performance. These vaults can be used for crypto, NFTs and artificial assets.

Investors can use these vaults to link with the Hawksight Degen Pool so that they get easier access through their risk-return portfolios. Investors can invest immediately after selecting a vault by linking it to their digital wallets. Options of what trading options the Hawksight Degen Pool opens up for users are as follows:  

  • Indexes for yield generating and profit-maximized indexes
  • Indexes of Blue-chip crypto coins, yield farming of stablecoins, DeFi, artificial assets, and NFTs
  • Vaults that offer full or partial fund placement in NFTs
  • Mini vault investments in investment items and foreign exchange through artificial assets
  • On-platform trading options for physical and digital assets
  • long or short token trades

Hawksight Degen Pool

By using the Hawksight Degen Pool, anyone can link their vault with their custom composition of tokens or trading strategies. Vaults can be designed through AI managed profit maximization tools. Makers can offer their vaults for other crypto traders to invest in. Tokens can be offered as an incentive to push the entire system to reward top vaults and active investors on the Hawksight Degen Pool.

Vaults built through the Hawksight Degen Pool are non-custodial. Every vault has a pool of token backed assets that the vault creators run directly. These vault makers can do asset swaps through automated market-making pools and decentralized exchanges. Creators can also make trades, stake and unstake tokens, earn up yields in their portfolio, or make similar investments on DeFi protocols.

Debonair Degen Hawks 2022 Roadmap
Debonair Degen Hawks 2022 Roadmap


Hawksight users can earn high and steady yield income through yield farming and automatic portfolio rebalancing by auditing all internal smart contracts. It will also conduct external audits of these contracts and manage an insurance fund to protect investors from losses.

Hawksight Trading Strategies & Indicators:

Hawksight will offer an ever-increasing library of trading options that its users can try. Vault makers can use these strategies to make vaults. Vault creators can build their trading strategies by applying over 200 indicators. These include popular technical indicators like the Relative Strength Index (RSI), Simple Moving Average Crossover, and Bollinger Bands, among many others.

People using the DeFi-NFTs and Hawksight Degen Poo can apply trading options by applying suggestions from over 200 indicators that assess trading indicators from cryptocurrency data. Information like exchange volumes, volume flows, trading Indicators, network and miner flows, and other networking and development metrics is available.

Hawksight will launch on Solana as an entrance point and expand for multichain operability towards Terra.

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