MX Voting. TRUE DAO and MX 2.0

A fresh start for the crypto enthusiast! Review on MX Voting

Hi guys! I’m Dan! It’s pleasure to be one of the first authors here (or Creators, that’s how they called it). It was really fast for me to be published here. Just run into this new section, and hooray – my first article was published in a trustable place, besides I’m just being a crypto enthusiast, not a journalist or blogger. Wait for more to come, so check this blog regularly for updates. Now, I’m gonna tell my opinion on MX voting held here.

So what is DAO and why I’ve mentioned it?

The DAO is a structure that was established to be automated and decentralized. It acted as a form of venture capital fund, based on open-source code and without a typical management structure or board of directors. To be fully decentralized, the DAO was unaffiliated with any particular nation-state, though it made use of the Ethereum network. 

MEXC opened MX voting for the next improve of MX and MEXC ecosystem via DAO.

MX Voting on MEXC
MX Voting on MEXC

So, here is the thing. I’m really excited about this have happened here – MEXC Native Token 2.0 voting, a true example of how a company should behave if it pretends to be true DAO. So, congrats MEXC, for keeping the bar high!

My vote in new DAO pool of MEXC MX Voting

I’ve voted for Plan B – I do really think, that’s enough for both MX and MEXC to be shining in the nearest future.

Distribution of MX after MX Voting:

1. MEXC Foundation Reserve: 100,000,000 MX

2. MEXC Labs: 150,000,000 MX

3. MEXC Strategic Partnership: 100,000,000 MX

4. Destruction: 100,000,000 MX

What MEXC offered for this plan in MX Voting?

  • Foundation Reserves: For the development of global talents and team motivation. The MEXC team has been committed to building a better platform. The segment will be unlocked quarterly in accordance with an eight-year plan.
  • MEXC Labs will become MEXC’s investment department, focusing on long-term investments in the blockchain industry and fostering the MEXC ecosystem. MEXC will gradually launch the MX DAO to further involve the MX community in investment decisions. MX holders will be further involved in the recommendation, evaluation and decision-making of investment projects in the future. 40% of the tokens earned from MEXC Labs’ investments will be distributed to MX holders in launchpools or other projects. 40% of MEXC Labs’ investment profits will also be used for the “repo destruction” program.
  • MEXC Strategic Partnership: MEXC will hold a vote in the community or announce strategic partners in order to establish world-class strategic partnerships in the future
  • Destruction: After the proposal is approved, MX will be directly transferred to the black hole address for destruction.

Sounds like a really nice plan!

So, now we clearly know, Plan B won in MX voting!

What does it tell us? Community matters. We are the drivers! Here at MEXC, they hear us and since you invest in MX Token – you are a part of the team!

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