THORWallet DEX — The Only Non-Custodial Wallet to Swap Native Crypto Assets Across Chains

THORWallet DEX (TGT – Traded it here) was launched via MEXC M-Day on May 11. The total reward pool constitutes of 1,425,000 TGT Tokens, with an allocation of 850 winning tickets. Since listed in Innovation Zone with an opening price of 0.005 USDT, the highest price hit 0.029 USDT growing 580%.


What is THORWallet DEX?

THORChain is a groundbreaking protocol that enables the movement of assets across blockchains in a decentralized and secure way. It accomplishes this using liquidity pools. At a high level, liquidity pools allow users (called liquidity providers, or LPs) to deposit their assets like Bitcoin, Ether, or BNB into the pool to earn a yield. Traders can then swap one supported asset to another for a small fee that is collected by the LPs as their source of yield.

What makes THORWallet DEX unique?

  • It is a non-custodial wallet as THORChads own their own keys.
  • It enables swaps of Layer 1 tokens in a decentralized way with no middleman. Swap BTC vs ETH, non wrapped — the real thing!
  • Users can earn interest rates either through providing liquidity or the multi-chain savings account (coming soon), again in a decentralized way, eliminating all risk of giving coins to an intermediary. Also this means that users can finally earn yield on BTC in its native form.
  • Users can trade synthetic assets (coming soon), which will have much lower trading fees, broaden the investment universe dramatically and are backed by the liquidity pools and treasury of THORChain.
  • Financial inclusion is real: Gamified education & community features and services to grow the user base and increase awareness thanks to it’s native TGT token.

TGT Token

At the core of THORWallet DEX , TGT has multiple utilities.

  • Premium Features: By staking/locking tokens users can enjoy different sets of premium features. Examples are different fees for the different tiers, multi wallet functionality, dark mode, etc. Think of it how or Swissborg are doing it very well. Where different is that THORWallet DEX wants to have as much as possible on-chain (on a native mobile). Pure DeFi. This takes some serious skills and time.
  • Community Programs & Gamification: THORWallet DEX plans an Airdrop for the community as part of community programs & missions. Besides that, community missions and gamification features are probably one of the most underrated features. THORWallet DEX is certain (and it can be seen by some DeFi projects which implemented that well) that this drives adoption and retention rate a lot. At the same time, to make sure that through gamified missions, THORWallet DEX enables DeFi or crypto new-joiners to be on top of their finances. They will learn the mechanics of DeFi to make sound financial decisions. And TGT multi-utility token is at the core of it to incentivize accordingly.
  • Node Operation: Given THORWallet DEX treasury is big enough to run a full THORChain node in Switzerland to further decentralize and strengthen the ecosystem. A part of the net profit will be used to burn TGT. By holding TGT Token users will make the THORChain network more decentralized and secure.

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