Ethereum Officially Enters the PoS Era, MEXC Is the First Exchange to Open Forked Token ETHW Deposit

At 06:43 (UTC) on September 15, 2022, Ethereum completed its merge at the block height of 15537393 and officially switched to the PoS consensus mechanism. From then on, Ethereum bid farewell to the seven-year PoW mining era.At the same time, Ethereum had officially hard forked from Ethereum, retaining the PoW consensus. As the network token ETHW of the Ethereum forked chain, it has been actively opened for deposit and trading by various mainstream trading platforms.

Deposit of ETHW on MEXC

At 15:20 on September 15th, MEXC opened ETHW deposit, which is the first cryptocurrency trading platform on the entire network to open ETHW deposit. According to the calculation of the ETHW deposit, only 49 blocks are needed to complete the deposit process, which is currently the fastest account deposit speed among trading platforms.

MEXC Is the First Exchange to Open Forked Token ETHW Deposit
MEXC Is the First Exchange to Open Forked Token ETHW Deposit

According to CoinGecko data, the real-time price of ETHW is 13.01 USDT, and the 24-hour trading volume reached $74.05 million. Compared with mainstream trading platforms, the comprehensive indicators of MEXC, FTX, and ByBit are among the top three from the perspective of trading volume, depth, and price difference. From the trading page of ETHW on MEXC, the absolute value of the price difference between bid buy and ask price is only 0.002, which is the smallest, and the trading volume and depth indicators perform better.

ETW trading on MEXC
ETW trading on MEXC

MEXC and ETH 2.0 Mainnet Merge

In fact, MEXC is not only the fastest platform to open ETHW deposit within a single day, but also the first to announce its support for the Eth2.0 mainnet merge, and the first to list Ethereum’s potential forked chain tokens.

According to MEXC’s announcement, MEXC has supported the trading of “potential forked token ETHW” as early as August 5. Currently, the token can be exchanged for ETHW, the real Ethereum network token. At the same time, the real Ethereum network token ETHW obtained outside the trading platform can also be deposited on MEXC for trading purpose.

It is understood that MEXC is a world-leading user-friendly cryptocurrency trading platform, providing one-stop services for trading spot, leveraged ETF, perpetual futures, NFT Index, etc. With over 7 million users worldwide, MEXC is also the cryptocurrency trading platform that owns the fastest launch of popular projects on the entire network and the most abundant tradable categories.

Also, according to CoinGecko data, MEXC currently supports more than 1,500 cryptocurrency spots trading, more than 120 cryptocurrency futures trading, and more than 300 cryptocurrency leveraged ETFs trading.

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