Revolut Halts Crypto Trading for UK Business Clients Amid New FCA Rules

Key Points:

  • Revolut’s suspension of crypto services for UK businesses highlights the growing impact of regulatory changes in the crypto sector.
  • The FCA’s stringent new rules on crypto investments emphasize the need for risk awareness and investor protection.
  • Revolut’s alignment with FCA regulations demonstrates a cautious yet compliant approach to navigating the evolving crypto landscape.
Revolut Halts Crypto Trading for UK Business Clients Amid New FCA Rules
Revolut Halts Crypto Trading for UK Business Clients Amid New FCA Rules

Revolut, a leading neobank, is set to adjust its cryptocurrency services for UK business clients in response to the upcoming Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations. This change, marking a significant turn in the UK’s approach to digital currency, highlights the impact of regulatory policies on cryptocurrency operations.

In anticipation of new policies from the FCA, Revolut has announced the suspension of cryptocurrency purchases for its UK business clients. This decision directly responds to the FCA’s focus on tightening crypto marketing and promotional activities. Starting January 3, 2024, Revolut Business will halt crypto purchases, although holding and selling activities will remain operational. This move reflects Revolut’s commitment to compliance and its proactive approach to adapting to evolving regulatory landscapes.

The UK and EU: A Tightened Grip on Crypto

The UK and the EU are actively working to establish specific rules for the cryptocurrency industry, with the UK particularly keen on limiting crypto promotions. These efforts demonstrate a growing emphasis on investor protection and market integrity in the digital finance sector. The FCA’s new rules, aiming to align crypto advertising with other high-risk investments, include mandatory risk warnings, a ban on referral bonuses, and a cooling-off period for new investors.

The FCA’s stringent measures reflect a growing concern over the risks associated with cryptocurrency investments. With over 200 violations of these rules reported by October 25 and low engagement from many crypto firms, the FCA issued additional guidance in November to reinforce its regulatory framework. This crackdown has led some firms to exit the UK market or adjust their operations to remain compliant.


Revolut’s decision to suspend cryptocurrency purchases for UK business clients signifies a pivotal moment in the crypto industry’s regulatory journey. As the FCA prepares to implement new rules, businesses like Revolut adapt their operations to ensure compliance. This development affects how cryptocurrencies are marketed and traded in the UK and sets a precedent for how digital finance might be regulated in the future.

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