UK’s Financial Authority FCA Spotlights Key Issues in Crypto Promotions

Key Points:

  • FCA raises concerns over misleading crypto promotions in the UK.
  • Regulations require clear risk warnings in all crypto ads.
  • Unauthorized firms won’t offer UK investor protection schemes.

The UK’s top financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has spotlighted three significant areas of concern for promoting crypto assets. As cryptocurrency promotions have recently been placed under the FCA’s oversight due to legislative adjustments, the regulatory body has swiftly taken steps to ensure consumers are protected.

UK's Financial Authority Spotlights Key Issues in Crypto Promotions
UK’s Financial Authority Spotlights Key Issues in Crypto Promotions

FCA’s Three Core Concerns with Crypto Advertisements

One of the primary issues the FCA highlighted is how promotions often emphasize the ‘safety,’ ‘security,’ and simplicity of using crypto-related services. What’s troubling about this is the significant omission of associated risks. The volatility of the crypto market, the potential for monetary losses, and technological vulnerabilities are rarely front and center in these promotions. By prioritizing the positives and downplaying the risks, these advertisements can paint a misleading picture for potential investors.

Additionally, even when some advertisements do incorporate risk warnings, they often need to be more conspicuous. The FCA noted that tiny font sizes, colors that blend too much with the background, or positioning these warnings in less visible parts of the promotion make it easy for readers to overlook crucial information. The authority believes that these intentional omissions deprive potential investors of the full picture, leading to uninformed decisions.

Lastly, there’s a consistent observation of firms needing to provide more details on the risks associated with specific crypto products they’re promoting. The FCA believes that it’s not just about mentioning risks in a general sense but also about tailoring those risk advisories to specific products.

FCA’s Regulatory Response and Actions

In response to these findings, new regulations have been set in place. Any firm intending to promote cryptocurrency assets in the UK, irrespective of its geographical location, must secure authorization or registration from the FCA. The guidelines mandate that these promotions should be transparent, balanced, and carry no misleading information. Furthermore, they must be adorned with conspicuous risk warnings. These regulations aim to prevent undue incentives that could lure unsuspecting individuals into investing.

The FCA’s statement further reveals that unauthorized firms will not protect customers under the UK’s financial ombudsman or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. This is a crucial piece of information for investors to remember when choosing a firm to invest with.

To fortify its commitment to ensuring responsible crypto promotions, the FCA collaborates with various online entities, from social media platforms to domain registrars. Their goal is to either block or take down promotions that don’t adhere to the set guidelines. The FCA also emphasizes its expectation that authorized firms uphold regulatory obligations and actively safeguard investors.


Since the inception of these rules, the FCA has been vigilant. The release of 221 alerts and the introduction of a regularly updated ‘warning list‘ underlines their proactive approach to this issue. It serves as a reminder to all firms to communicate responsibly about crypto assets.

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