MEXC Launches Memeland NFT Index Potatoz,A Total Value of 12155 USDT Quota Is Released

August 17, 10:00(UTC), MEXC launched the latest NFT Index Potatoz, with a total circulation of 20,000,000 copies and a total subscription value of 12,155 USDT. The guided unit price of Potatoz/USDT is about 0.0011505 USDT, and the subscription period will last until August 23, 10:00.

It is understood that both new and old users can participate in this Potatoz public sale, but due to the limited quota, new users need to be within the “Top 300 newly registered MEXC account valid users” within the event time, with a single deposit of not less than 50USDT and any currency transaction amount that is not less than 100USDT, before getting the 10,000 purchase quota.

By sharing this event to invite friends to register a MEXC account, the invitees only have to complete the registration with any transaction amount that is not less than 100USDT, in order to be eligible in the ranking. According to the number of invited users, the top 24 inviters can also get different subscription quotas, and the first place can even win up to 1,050,000 subscription quota.

If the above activity meets 300 valid registrations and 400 valid invited users respectively, 6 users will be drawn to receive The Potatoz NFT rewards.

MEXC is also the first trading platform in the world to launch NFT Index. Since the beginning of April this year, it has successively purchased more than 10 types of blue-chip NFTs such as CloneX, Moonbirds, Doodles, Potatoz, etc., and launched corresponding NFT indices, including NCLONEX, NMOON, NDDS and Potatoz (the latest).

MEXC NFT Index is an NFT indexing token, which MEXC actually purchased the blue-chip NFT as value support to implement the “off-chain fragmentation” method to increase the liquidity of NFT assets without destroying the NFT ERC-721 standard, so as to lower the threshold for users to enter blue-chip NFTs and reduce their purchase risks.

This time MEXC purchased 20 The Potatoz NFTs as value support and split them into 20,000,000 NFT Index. After Potatoz/USDT is launched in the secondary market, users can buy or sell it at any time, just like the spot, and when the holding share reaches 1 million, it can be exchanged for one The Potatoz NFT.

According to the data, The Potatoz is affiliated with Memeland, and the development company behind it is 9GAG, which is an old GIF & MEME picture website. Currently, the NFTs launched by Memeland include “YOU THE REAL MVP” and “The Potatoz”.

9GAG‘s financing background includes First Round Capital, Freestyle Capital, Greycroft Partners, True Ventures, Y Combinator, 500 Startups, etc. Memeland is supported by NFT Influencers including PROOF/Moonbirds founder kevinrose and VeeFriends creator garyvee.

Memeland may also launch NFT Memeland, a tokenomic ecosystem and $MEME in the near future. In the Memeland ecosystem, the growth of “Potatoz” is used as the timeline of the project, and the staking function is enabled. It is worth mentioning that, by holding The Potatoz, YOU THE REAL MVP can get $MEME. Once Memeland officially issues coins, MEXC will also distribute the obtained $MEME to Potato Index holders according to their share.

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