MEXC Blog Interview with Token(PAXW) Team

In this blog interview, you’ll find insights about the Token project. In an event hosted by MEXC, you will meet Token team.

MEXC:First, can you introduce Token (PAXW)?What are the core highlights? aims to carve out a reputation as a market leader, spearheading new innovations in disruptive technology, moving the ball forward for the entire sector and defining the aesthetic and functional boundaries of what will become the heyday of the Metaverse. sets itself apart from the competition through state of the art design and technology. The quality of the world is much closer to realism, than many other boxy worlds. Your avatar will have your own face on it so people can recognise you, it has video and chat functions ready to rival the likes of Zoom or Teams. You can hold conferences and events in the world including having speakers on big screens and the ability for the community to come up on the screen and ask their own questions. is divided into plots of land, a finite (non-expandable) 28 km2 island (roughly 10x the size of Monaco). The island is then broken up into roughly 30,000 tiles, 1/3 for sale, 1/3 reserved for the DAO to decide upon and 1/3 preserved for the community and good causes such as sustainability.

Users, brands, and organisations can purchase land as NFTs and build upon their own space. contains huge, versatile communal spaces – trade, event and cultural hubs – in the form of ‘Metaserai’ (inspired by the caravanserai of the Silk Road). Four world-class architects have designed and built the first four Metaserai. These spaces will be used for galleries, influencers and creators to share their own experiences for the citizens to enjoy.

All in world transactions and rewards are powered by the PAXW utility token that come with multiple staking benefits including earning for bringing people into the world, getting to present key questions for the DAO that could shape, earning by having the best land and rewards for completing tasks or playing in world games.

$PAXW is the native crypto token of that operates on Polygon (MATIC), a carbon neutral blockchain, and aids users’ experience in numerous ways. 

$PAXW fuels the digital economy and facilitates revenue generation and value transfer on both macro and micro levels in Leveraging blockchain technology, our token opens up unmatched opportunities for every holder. 

The PAXW token is the foundation of all social and economic activities in As with other utility tokens, the PAXW token facilitates and synergizes all of the following aspects of the metaverse ecosystem: 

Staking is a way for community members to support the project and enhance their experience along the way by gaining access to exclusive rewards or boosting the level of rewards received from their achievements, content or community engagement.

User rewards
Users are rewarded in PAXW for in-world achievements, for creating engaging content, and for helping to build and support the community.

Holding PAXW tokens allows users to participate in voting to determine the general direction of, allocate content rewards, and decide on the allocation of DAO-owned resources.

PAXW will be used to pay for land purchases, in-world services and enhancements and as part of a vibrant metaverse marketplace for both real and virtual goods and services.

MEXC: How to get Pax World land? What can it be used for? How to distribute? How to get profit from it? Start by visiting

Then select a tile of land.
Decide do you want to be next to a road (such as’s first main highway, the Paxway), next to a spawn point (the main ones, to begin with, will be around metaserai), or a waterfront property?

Buying multiple adjacent land tiles gives you extra space to build on, and access to extra rewards.

After clicking “Purchase”, complete your purchase on the land marketplace site.

What can it be used for? 

You can use your land for whatever your imagination can create. Included with land is a land builder that allows you to build many kinds of structures, or you can purchase a pre-built one.

Some landowners are using their land for offices, conferences, galleries, education, gaming and concerts. But you can also use it as your own virtual home and just invite friends over.

How to distribute? 

The tiles can be resold on OpenSea.

How to get profit from it?

This is up to the individual. You may make a profit when reselling the land. Or you can run a business from the land and charge people for purchases, events, exclusive access or a service you offer.

MEXC:What is the purpose of PAXW at Pax World? How is the tokenomics allocated? How to avoid possible selling pressure from the team and the foundation? You can find our full tokenics here
The token is the in-game token that is used for transactions, rewards, staking, governance and more.

The vesting terms have been designed in such a way to mitigate any selling pressure from the team or foundation.

MEXC:Is Pax World based on the ERC20 standard or the standard of other chains? What is the reason of choosing this public chain? The land tiles are on the Etheruem chain for the purposes of liquidity and access to all.

The $PAXW token is on Polygon due to the minimal gas fees and the fact it’s carbon neutral

MEXC:What kind of users are more suitable to follow Pax World? is a reflection of the real world and as such, it is open to all types of audience. If someone wants to build a health and wellness center on they can, if they want to build their own dungeon they can.

MEXC:The Metaverse or GameFi project is still in its early stage, especially the tokenomics of GameFi is difficult to sustain. Besides that, which stage do you think the above two tracks are in, and what are the core problems? Both are in a very early stage at the moment and the first to get it right will be the ones we see in decades to come.

MEXC:Pax World is also a DAO governance, what is the reason of choosing this and which aspects are mainly reflected? wishes to move away from the mistakes made by Web2.0 companies and instead return power and data to the citizens. So we’ll be running a DAO to let people have their say in the decisions made on

MEXC:From the perspective of technology development and governance, this may be more suitable for DAOs, but from the perspective of operation, centralized decision-making is more efficient. What do you think? Shortcuts do not always deliver the best solution. Centralized bodies also take all of the revenue by the adverts you spend time watching on their platforms. Wouldn’t it be better if you as a user took a slice of the ad revenue the platform is receiving? The second option may nto be as efficient as the first, but the community will appreciate it more and in return help grow your numbers. As no matter how efficient you are, if you don’t have an audience, you don’t have a product.

MEXC:How to develop the metaverse market of Pax World? In addition to users, are there any more partners that can be involved? We have many great partners, too many to list here and some we’re not allowed to announce yet. But our partners and land owners include some very big entertainment brands, education providers, international organisations based around peace and security, film and music, gaming, finance and healthcare.

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