MEXC – The Best Exchange For Lowest Fees and Highest Rewards

Everyone starts their trading journey in a CEX. However, not all exchanges are equal. Among the myriad of exchanges available today, MEXC stands out as a premier choice for traders seeking low fees and high rewards. This article explores why MEXC is considered one of the best exchanges in the market.

MEXC - The Best Exchange For Lowest Fees and Highest Rewards
MEXC – The Best Exchange For Lowest Fees and Highest Rewards

What Are Trading Fees in Crypto?

Trading fees on cryptocurrency exchanges are the costs that traders incur when they buy or sell digital assets on the platform. These fees are typically expressed as a percentage of the transaction value and can vary significantly between different exchanges and types of trades.

There are generally two types of trading fees: maker fees and taker fees. Maker fees are charged when a trader adds liquidity to the order book by placing a limit order below the market price for a buy or above the market price for a sell. Taker fees, on the other hand, are charged when a trader removes liquidity from the order book by executing against an existing order. Some exchanges also offer tiered fee structures where higher trading volumes result in lower fees.

Additionally, certain exchanges such as MEXC provide discounts on trading fees for users who hold and use the platform’s native token. Understanding these fees is essential for traders as they directly impact the cost of trading and, consequently, the overall profitability.

Why Are Low Fees Important When Trading Crypto?

Low fees are crucial in cryptocurrency trading for several reasons. Firstly, high trading fees can significantly erode profits, especially for active traders who execute numerous transactions daily. In the highly competitive and often volatile crypto market, every percentage point counts, and lower fees can mean the difference between a profitable trade and a loss.

Secondly, for those involved in high-frequency trading or employing algorithmic strategies, where margins are typically thin, low fees are essential to maintain profitability. Additionally, lower fees make it more feasible for smaller investors to participate in the market without being disproportionately impacted by the cost of each trade. Overall, low trading fees enhance market efficiency, making it easier for traders to achieve their financial goals and encouraging greater participation and liquidity in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

MEXC is The Industry Leader in Low Trading Fees

MEXC takes the throne with its competitive trading fees, distinguishing it from other platforms. With 0% maker fees, and only 0.1% taker fees, traders can save so much more and earn even more! Moreover, MEXC offers equally low rates for futures trading. The futures trading fees stand at 0.00% for maker fees and only 0.01% for taker fees. This feature ensures that users can acquire tokens swiftly and efficiently, without concerns about excessive expenditure.

Holding MX Token Helps You Save Even More

Did you know that holding MX tokens grants you even more discounts? That’s right, holding 1,000 MX tokens for 15 consecutive days allows you to enjoy 0.00% on both maker and taker fees. It is a 100% discount on all your token purchases.

Furthermore, you can activate MX deduction at perpetual futures trading to receive another 10% discount! With MX deduction activated, you will enjoy 0.00% maker and 0.009 taker fees on all your futures trading. Save more and earn more with MEXC immediately!

MEXC is Also The Industry Leader For Great Airdrop Rewards

Aside from the industry-leading low fees, MEXC is a force to reckon with in terms of free airdrops. MEXC Launchpad and Kickstarter are constantly growing and we are looking at the best airdrop performance a CEX can give! As of May 1, 2024, MEXC Launchpad and Kickstarter have already completed 1,001 free airdrops in 4 months. Furthermore, MEXC provides an average of 70+ airdrops weekly with a $17+ million prize pool monthly. With 1,001 free airdrops, we are looking at a total of $58.95 Million USDT in reward distribution!

Furthermore, the participation process has never been easier. Everyone in the world is eligible to join MEXC Launchpad and MEXC Kickstarter! Simply register an account on MEXC and hold 1,000 or more MX tokens for 30 days. During the process, MEXC will take a snapshot of your MX token holdings daily. After 30 consecutive days, you can freely participate in MEXC Launchpad or Kickstarter to receive free airdrops daily. Learn more at MX Zone!

How to buy MX Token (MX)

  1. Visit and log in to the official MEXC website, hover the cursor over [Spot] at the top of the page, and select [Spot].
  2. Type “MX” into the search bar on the right, and find the MX/USDT trading pair.
  3. Below the K-line chart, enter the amount and the price you want to buy MX.
  4. Click on [Buy MX] to complete the purchase and wait for the order to be executed on the market.

You can find a detailed guide on how to buy MX tokens here.

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