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What is MEXC Launchpad and how to join it?

MEXC Launchpad is a program to raise funds for the project party with a token sale on MEXC Exchange and to provide a chance for users worldwide with a low-cost opportunity to invest in well-chosen project tokens. MEXC Launchpad is held exclusively for MX token holders, the only requirement to join is to hold MX token.

Mexc Launchpad Interface
MEXC Launchpad Page

How to join MEXC Launchpad?

Every MEXC Launchpad has a specific timeline of events that users should join to participate in Launchpad. Here are they:

Mexc Launchpad Timeline
A complete infographic of MEXC Launchpad Timeline

Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

  • MEXC Launchpad Snapshot Period

MEXC will record the user MX holding amount for 5 days, the max amount of MX you can commit depends on the daily average MX balance in your Spot Account over the 5-day snapshot period. During the holding time, users can increase their MX holdings to acquire more lots. At the same time, should a user decrease their MX holdings, it may decrease the number of potential rewards.

Important! How daily average position is calculated: Daily average position = Sum on smallest positions held on X days/X days

  • Subscription Period of MEXC Launchpad

Subscription will open at this time for all eligible users for a 24 hour period. Users must also sign the Token Purchase Agreement at the same time, prior to committing their MX. You must click on the button to commit a certain amount of MX towards the new project during this subscription period. The max amount of MX you can commit depends on the daily average MX balance in your Spot Account over the 5-day snapshot period.

  • Distribution Period of Launchpad Tokens

Token allocation calculation and distribution ,the detailed calculation will be varied with projects.

  • Trading Period

Start trading and enjoy a high investment yield.

Terms & Conditions

1. To ensure the fairness of all participants, once the users have clicked and agreed to participate in the drawing, the corresponding MX tokens in the user’s account will be frozen. The MX that is frozen during the event period will not be withdrawn or traded. Please participate at your own discretion.
2. The holding round is only limited to users with “Available” MX in their spot wallets, and will not factor in “Frozen” MX. Users who participate in the MX DeFi during the event period cannot participate in the holding round of MEXC Launchpad.
3. Users must complete KYC to participate in this event.
4. MEXC reserves the right to interpret this event at our sole discretion.

Interested in how MEXC Launchpads are performing?

Want to get a closer look at recent MEXC Launchpads performance? Just visit blog articles tagged with Launchpad here. If you are new to crypto trading and want to know more about MEXC Ecosystem and our services, visit our Academy where you can learn how to start trading on MEXC or explore product guides.

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