MEXC AMA Half-Life – Session with Wackychainer

In this Telegram AMA recap, you’ll find insights about the Half-Life project. In an event hosted by SenHo from MEXC, you will meet Wackychainer (Co-founder).


Sen Ho: Today, we’re honored to have WackyChainer, Co-Founder in our community to give us a more intuitive introduction to their unique project.

Hi Wacky, would you like to say hello and introduce yourself? @WackyChainer

Wackychainer: Hi Everyone, my name is Wacky I’m the co-founder of Half-Life as well as Head Of Business Development for X2Y2

Questions from community:

Sen Ho: 1. What is Half-Life? Can you share with us more in detail?

Wackychainer: Half-Life is a Manga based NFT project aimed at replicating the world of collectibles in the NFT form

IF you’re thinking of the world of collectible cards for example, you could have very previous and rare cards but you wouldn’t want to use them in order to not damage them

What we are creating is a worldwide manga franchise which will allow holders to enjoy their rare collectible in the form of NFTs

Each NFT will allow holders to read the manga story as they get released as well as benefit from all the perks the franchise will be releasing over the years

Sen Ho: 2. What are Half-Life’s unique selling points as compared to other similar projects in the industry?

Wackychainer: There a few things which differentiate half-life from other projects. First we are a team of experienced doxxed professionals

The three founders have solid background of success in the web2 space before getting involved in web3. One of them works in a sovereign wealth management fund and has deep knowledge of finance of organisation

The other founder who is his twin brother has roots in silicon valley working for Google and it subsidiaries and is deeply involved in the tech world

And myself used to work for a Fintech start-up wihich was later acquired by S&P and I also run my own business here in London

In addition to that we’ve collected a team of web3 native collab managers and BDs who I have to give a big thanks to and who have been doing an absolutely amazing job

The second is the way the project is designed in the sense that each NFT will give holders access to read a unique Manga volume. There are 7 volume in total, with Volume 1 already finalised (but not released). Holders will have the option to either read the volume digitally and enjoy the content on their phone…OR….should they wish, they can also use a burning mechanism which will allow them to receive a physical copy of the Manga

Last but not least, along the way we are planning various burning mechanism which will make the NFTs rare collectible. The early adopters and supporters of the project will be the one compensated the most, We have created incentive mechanisms that provide benefits to diamond handers and fans of Half-Life and are also aiming to create a Anime movie along the way

Through the various contacts we have in the space, we’ve been is discussion with Netflix and Crunchy Roll and working on making this a reality. Stay tune more to come. First step obviously is Volume 1 mint 😁

Sen Ho: 3. Since that Half-Life is involved in web3, will it also expand to link with Metaverse?

Wackychainer: At the moment our primary focus is primarily web3 as well as web2. The metaverse is a fascinating space which no doubt will be booming in the years to come. Having said this our focus is to create a global manga brand and franchise. It may sound ambitious to say we want to create the next Bleach or even One-Piece, but this is truly what we are aiming for.

For all of us currently involved in web3 and NFTs it can sometimes feel like a huge community, but the reality is there are only a few tens of thousands of us at the moment (at the moment there are probably only 30 to 50 thousand NFT traders)

Our goal more than anything else is to onboard more users from the Web2 world onto web3!

The community of Manga fans around the world encompasses millions and millions of people. Our first goal is to promote Half-Life, NFTs and web3 to those millions of users and help onboard them to our fascinating space

We’re planning on going to various IRL events, comic-con etc… going forward to promote web3 and introduce people to how web3 and NFTs will change the world and are already changing the world to a certain extent

By then, we’ll probably live in a Ready Player One type Metaverse anyway and we’ll be ready to jump in when the time comes 👾

Sen Ho: 4. Can you introduce some special NFT characters in Half-Life? Which characters are the most memorable?

Wackychainer: Of course. We’ve got two main protagonists in the story. It all starts with HEL, the grim reaper, who has been chasing after rogue soul he has not been able to collect for thousands and thousands of years

All of a sudden, the Gods come down to earth after another failed attempt from HEL to gather REJI (our second main protagonist)…and lo and behold, after thousands of years of nearly impeccable record service, the grim reaper HEL gets fired from his job and is being banished to the mortal world

Ensues from there a series of events, some of them fun, some of them battles, some of them emotional as to how HEL needs to learn how to live a mortal life, work the odd job to fend for himself and how is still believes that if can finally kill REJI he will be able to get his old job back

I can’t reveal too much more otherwise I’ll be giving the manga away 😜 but this the main storyline and how those two, along with their friends, navigate through life and constantly chasing each other

Expect lots of action, lots of real life situation we can all relate with and overall lots of fun!

Sen Ho: 5. If you were to summarize your project in ONE word, what would it be? Why?

Wackychainer: Oh that’s a good question…let me think


The why is primarily the team behind it. I need to give a huge amount of credit to one of my c-o-founder in particular, Jul who is really the brain behind the operation. His dedication, attention to detail, love of mangas and ability to gather the right people around us really gives me and the rest of the team huge confidence that the project will be successful

For any of you that have had to work in a team before, you’ll know that sometimes, some teams you land in are not so good and you can really tell within the first 2 minutes….on the other hand, when you land in a really good team, you can also tell ow different and how smoothly everything runs. I’ve been in Half-Life since the very beginning and that’s exactly how it feels!

We obviously have this crazy markets and these crazy crypto times to contend with, which will definitely be challenging to say the least as who know how FTX is going to shape the future of crypto and NFT landscape…but…the way we’ve been operating together as a team and the diversity of skillsets we all have really fills me with confidence that we can do this!

Sounds cliche but I’ve been hosting a lot of AMA myself through X2Y2, and when you speak to various projects you can just tell the projects that are organised and will make it versus the ones that will struggle

Now having said this, while having a quality team is important, this is also in a way only 50% of the equation

The other 50% is your community, and the strength of that community! We’re currently spending lots of time building a really really strong community as without them no project can be successful

It’s been an awesome journey so far I have to say, and FTX or no FTX, Half-Life is a project the entire team is super passionate about and we’re gonna do everything we can to make this a success! 😁

Free Asking Segment

Q1. Why do you think your idea needs the BLOCKCHAIN? @StarPaulsen

Wackychainer: Blockchain, whether people realise it or not, is the next technological but also financial revolution

Many companies around the world are already using blockchain technology, and have been using technology for years. Walmart, the superstore giant in the US has been using blockchain and NFTs for years and years in order to help with their supply management system

They just haven’t been public about it as the general public tends to mix blockchain with crypto

With Half-Life, using blockchain will create a mechanism allowing us to engage with our community that wouldn’t be possible in any other. The incentive rewards mechanism which we have created will allow us to see who our most ardent supporters are and make sure we rewards them for the success of the franchise the most handsomly

The ethos of web3 is to provide people ownership of their assets, but also to share in the success of any big company as what we discussed above, no company can succeed without it’s supporters and fans And blockchain provides mechanisms that will allow us to do this in the most efficient and fair way possible

Q2. How can we join the NFT whitelist for Half-Life-Saga ? @ShirasMohammed1

Wackychainer: Our discord is currently open to the public and available for anyone to join

The best way to get on the whitelist is to join and to involved with the community!

We’ve got a series of events, challenges, games and more that are periodically hosted by our amazing community manager Kosho, and we’d be delighted to invite you guys, the MEXC community to join us

We also host chapter readings from the manga itself and we’re building an awesome fun community to be in!

Q3.How do you envision Half-Life in 5 years? @RickieOlds

Wackychainer:Our aim is to truly build one of the biggest and first NFT Manga franchise on the ETH blockchain

5 years from now I envision Half-Life being the manga name in every manga fans mind the same way people think about Dragon Ball for example. We mentioned we have plans to create an anime, we also want to crate merch, events, IRL gatherings, Netflix series and overall spread the name across all corners of the globe. This is obviously a huge endeavour and this is by no means financial advice, but this what we are aiming for and we will work our hardest to make this a reality!

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