Axie Infinity Partners with Grab for Exclusive Merch Launch in Southeast Asia

Key Points:

  • Axie Infinity has evolved into a lifestyle brand with unique merchandise.
  • Sky Mavis empowers Mystic holders with exclusive merchandising rights.
  • Partnership with Grab expands Axie Infinity’s reach in Southeast Asia.
Axie Infinity Partners with Grab for Exclusive Merch Launch in Southeast Asia
Axie Infinity Partners with Grab for Exclusive Merch Launch in Southeast Asia

Axie Infinity, a trailblazer in the Web3 gaming sphere, has recently unveiled a significant development in its brand strategy. By collaborating with Grab Rewards in Southeast Asia, Axie Infinity is taking a bold step towards establishing itself as a lifestyle brand deeply rooted in its community. This strategic move is marked by the launching of a new merchandise store accessible through the popular Grab App.

Sky Mavis, the innovative team behind Axie Infinity, has introduced this merchandising initiative to bring the Axie Infinity universe into the tangible world. The merchandise range includes unique figurines, soft plushies, and a variety of apparel. Furthermore, it aims to resonate with the game’s enthusiastic fan base. This launch represents a pivotal moment for Sky Mavis in positioning Axie Infinity as a game and a lifestyle emblem, fostering a sense of community ownership and belonging.

A New Era for Mystic Holders

In an interesting twist, Sky Mavis has reimagined the concept of merchandise by integrating exclusive elements for Mystic holders of Axie Infinity. These privileged members are granted access to token-gated figurines with a special land item NFT. Furthermore, Sky Mavis has revamped its licensing guidelines. It empowers Mystic holders to create, market, and retain full profits from merchandise featuring their Axies.

To ensure wider accessibility, particularly in regions with strict import rules, Sky Mavis is also providing free downloadable designs for local printing. Jeff Zirlin, the Growth Lead and Co-Founder of Sky Mavis expressed his excitement about the merch store. He also emphasizes its role in enhancing community engagement and fostering a deeper sense of belonging among members in Lunacia, the virtual world of Axie Infinity.

Expanding Reach in Southeast Asia with Grab Collaboration

The collaboration with GrabAds, a segment of the Grab app, is another strategic move by Sky Mavis to integrate Web3 experiences in Southeast Asia. This partnership aims to reward users with Grab points when they explore the Axie Infinity Merch Store through advertisements within the app. Initially launching in the Philippines, the initiative will soon extend to Vietnam and Indonesia, further amplifying Axie Infinity’s presence in its key markets.

Sky Mavis CEO Trung Nguyen likened the potential of Axies to iconic brands like HelloKitty and Pokémon. He also envisions them as cultural symbols in both the digital and physical realms. The official launch of the merchandise store on November 24th at 6:00 am PST came with an exclusive offer for the first 5,000 purchasers using a Ronin Wallet. It includes a chance to claim one of three exclusive Mystic Axies.

Launching >Code: Axie_ – A Tribute to Axie’s Origins

The first collection is titled >Code: Axie_, paying homage to the humble beginnings of Axie Infinity. This collection celebrates the pioneering spirit of Sky Mavis’ digital nation, where the first Axies were minted purely through code without any visual art. The limited edition >Code: Axie_ collection, available only for two weeks, symbolizes the unique blend of code and art that birthed Axie Infinity, as reflected in Zirlin’s words.


Axie Infinity’s latest venture into merchandise, in partnership with Grab Rewards, marks a new era of community-focused branding and cultural significance, blending the worlds of Web3 gaming and lifestyle innovatively.

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