MetisDAO Foundation Announces $100M Fund to Boost Ecosystem Growth

Key Points:

  1. MetisDAO launches $100M fund, fueling network expansion.
  2. Decentralized sequencer to elevate Metis’ layer-2 capabilities.
  3. Community governance is central to Metis EDF’s future strategy.
MetisDAO Foundation Announces $100M Fund to Boost Ecosystem Growth
MetisDAO Foundation Announces $100M Fund to Boost Ecosystem Growth

MetisDAO Foundation, orchestrators of the Metis layer 2 rollup, declared the formation of a substantial $100 million development fund. Named the Metis Ecosystem Development Fund (Metis EDF), it aims to catalyze the expansion of its network. This announcement marks a pivotal moment for the Ethereum-based layer 2 solution.

The Metis EDF plans to distribute around 4.6 million METIS tokens. These tokens will primarily focus on various initiatives, including sequencer mining, retroactive project funding, and the launch of new ventures. Moreover, the fund is set to roll out in the first quarter of 2024, a timeline aligned closely with the anticipated launch of Metis’ decentralized sequencer.

Decentralized Sequencer

A central piece of this development is the launch of the decentralized sequencer. Metis is poised to become the first optimistic rollup to decentralize this critical element of its layer-2 network. This sequencer is essential for bundling user transactions and integrating them with the main Ethereum blockchain. The distribution of the MEDF is timed to coincide with the sequencer’s debut, highlighting the fund’s role in complementing this technological leap.

The vision for the MEDF extends beyond immediate project funding. The Metis team, including key figures like co-founder Elena Sinelnikova and Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin’s mother, Natalia Ameline, envisions a community-driven future for the fund. Managed by both the MetisDAO Foundation and Metis token holders, decisions regarding grant allocation and project launches will rest in the hands of the community.


The MetisDAO Foundation’s $100 million fund creation represents a strategic move to enhance its ecosystem. By combining technological innovation with community-driven governance, Metis sets a new standard in the blockchain world. This initiative is more than just a financial injection; it’s a testament to Metis’ commitment to sustainable growth and decentralized empowerment.

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